Miscellaneous Mishegoss #472.79

I don’t really know how many miscellaneous mishegosses I have done over the years but it just seemed like this needed a number so I made one up.

~ When I woke this morning the first thing that I was conscious of was that all last night my dreams were about dreaming. I was dreaming other dreams in my dreams. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

~ I am constantly aware of all the things I do not know and it makes my head hurt. And I want to ask people “What does that mean?” I’m not talking about serious matters here – I just betcha physics is the most fascinating subject in the universe but try as I might I don’t understand any of it, well maybe just a tiny bit but not enough to make me happy.

I’m talking about the ordinary nonsense people share and talk about while making idle conversation. Social media is chock-a-block with references, memes, music, book reviews that I do not understand. Often, after I have looked them up, attempted to research them to make sense of them, I still don’t understand, I still don’t get the point.

~ Can I whinge a bit about inspirational claptrap? Please? Just a little? There is a link in the menu that runs across the top of the blog “Inspirational Crap I Collect” and it links to my tumblr blog where I put such stuff. The stuff I can actually relate to.

I would list some of the claptrap that annoys me most but I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade. Folks take a lot of this stuff to heart, they actually make adjustments to their lives based on it. Don’t get me wrong, some of it useful and valid and some of it, okay most of it, just makes me want to scream “Grow up, be responsible, what are you stupid or something”

Penny ante pop psychology – need help coping? Please find a real therapist, you know one with specific education, training and a license.

~ All and sundry are waxing poetic about the beginning of Fall/Autumn. And certainly it is worth waxing poetic about. Autumn, my very favorite season, which I won’t write about again, at this time, but I have before.

But the joys and gloriousness of Autumn does not ever include pumpkin spiced anything except pie –

The Baby Princess

Our latest (and greatest) grandchild turned one last week. I refer to her as ‘The Baby Princess’. Since she and Da Mama and Da Papa live far away and I don’t travel I shall probably never meet her and that makes me sad because from all the little videos and photos Da Mama sends us The Baby Princess seems like a delightful little human.

When I was looking for a card to send her for her first birthday I was a bit put out because all the kids cards were just words – no fun stuff with music and pop-ups. I finally found a musical pop-up card that I thought a one-year old would like and sent it.

Da Mama just sent me some videos of The Baby Princess reacting to the card. According to Da Mama the card frightened the Baby Princess at first and then over several days she decided she loved it. So here are some delightful videos of our Baby Princess laughing and dancing to the music, so make sure the sound is on. (And look how good she is walking already – just one-years old!.)(Click on the lower right corner – where those arrows are – the videos will go full screen.)

Radio silence

I get like that, like this, sometimes. I don’t want to interact. Nobody gets me, nobody understands, it’s just too hard trying to communicate, and what’s the point anyway.

No, I’m not whining, I’m just backing up and backing off. It’s where I want to be. People are just too damn hard. I’m a misanthrope – always have been, always will.

We’ve got ourselves

another wet, humid, sticky, cool day today. It’s the humid and cool that is confusing. That said, while the week’s forecast calls for low 80’s and high humidity and rain – I think the worst of the Summer is over and we can stop talking about the weather until the snow and ice comes in. The cold is fine, I can easily deal with cold, it’s the snow and ice that scare me.

Southern coastal areas are under storm warnings because of hurricane Florence, and while Virginia has a coast we aren’t near it. I think this is the farthest I have ever lived from a large body of water. I prefer oceans but a large lake will do, a large river is the third and least choice. Of course there are rivers and then there are rivers – have you ever seen the St. Lawrence River? Holey-moley but that is one honking big river.

We have settled nicely into a waiting pattern ahead of the kitchen reno. The appliances have been bought and paid for, I hope the old ones get donated somewhere because they are only 6 years old, and while they don’t suit me at all (Death to Power Burners!) they would certainly suit someone else.  We can’t do any of the major temporary relocating of kitchen stuff until Friday – Thursday afternoon the junk haulers come – all the stuff they are taking away is stashed in my office, once that is gone we can move my husband’s ‘office’ into mine and start packing away some of the dishes ‘n stuff.  The only thing about the new kitchen I’m going to miss is the glass doors on some of the upper cabinets. I really like glass doors, I like seeing my colorful dishes. But – kitchen cabinets with glass doors are expensive so – oh, well.

Had a bad night last night – lots of leg cramps and weird dreams. We watch too much British television because in one dream I was in World War II London in a bomb shelter during a blitz. I mean, how weird is that? Perhaps I’m feeling bombarded with responsibilities and worries right now and that’s how my brain played it out – I don’t know.

Right now we are in the calm before the storm – all of them. Sit and wait. Lawdy, but I hate sit and wait.


~ to consider to be true or honest
~ to accept the word or evidence of
~to hold as an opinion : suppose
~to accept something as true, genuine or real
~ to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy or ability of something
~ to hold an opinion

I don’t know why I had it in my head that ‘believe’ somehow represented something factual.  It is basically an opinion, and opinions often have no basis in facts or realities.

There is that one definition listed above – “to accept the word or evidence of”. Evidence usually means factual, doesn’ t it?

When something is repeated often enough it seems to lose it’s meaning. It just becomes sound, signifying nothing ( a little playing with Shakespeare there).

I don’t know why the word believe has been playing in my head, but when I hear it/see it in my mind the next thing I hear is –

It’s been a busy day

I haven’t slept much the last three nights, my brain will not shut off, anxiety rules my days and nights. But today I finally got everything finalized. Junk haulers have been scheduled; appliances have been ordered and paid for; my service elevator worries have been allayed and we’ve started moving things to the storage room and out of the kitchen.

I washed glasses today and stashed them in the linen closet. They’ve been in the kitchen cabinets for 6 years, unused. I’d already thrown out a bunch – keeping only 4 of one kind of wine glass; 4 of another kind of wine glass, which actually came from my Uncle’s bar and you don’t want to know how old they are, 2 small brandy snifters and 4 drinking glasses.  When all is said and done, they will go back in the kitchen cabinets and will remain unused. I have no need for wine glasses/brandy snifters – we don’t drink and we don’t have company. Even the plain old drinking glasses don’t get used because – we don’t have company, my husband drinks his coke from the can and I drink water straight from the re-usable glass bottles. I don’t drink anything other than water, coffee and tea.

The last time I probably used any of the wine glasses had to easily been over 10 years ago.  Since 2008, when we moved to Philadelphia, we have lived in near total isolation. Aside from shopkeepers and repair people, we saw/spoke/interacted with no one. My husband did used to commute to Washington, DC at least twice a month for work; and for the first 6 months or so I tried to get involved in stuff, joined a gym, took adult ed classes, volunteered at the Senior Center – but once Winter came in and I couldn’t navigate the the streets or transportation options, I hunkered down and never left the house.

We moved here, to Arlington County, in 2012, we used to live in Alexandria and I was very happy there. I had friends, a job, there was always something to do in Old Town. But we couldn’t afford to buy anything there (when we lived there before we rented) and it is a good half hour drive from Old Town to here and my friends tired of doing that drive rather quickly, and I don’t blame them in the least. It’s a one hour bus ride from where I live now to where I used to live – a little long for just a casual jaunt around town. And even after we bought a car, well my husband hates to drive so while he would have driven me anywhere I wanted to go, at least that’s what he always said, I know he would have hated to.

My husband wondered why I kept any of the glasses – and I guess I’m keeping them for sentimental reasons – a reminder of the time when I actually had a life.

If you’ve got garlic and olive oil

you can make anything taste good. Last night I made linguini with clam sauce and I made too much linguini so I drizzled some olive oil on it and put it in the fridge figuring I would do something with it. Today for lunch I threw some garlic in a saute pan with some olive oil, when that got nice and fragrant I added the leftover linguini, added a can of tuna, some clam juice, black pepper, grated Romano cheese and heated it through – made a lovely lunch.

I always say I am not creative and have no imagination, too pragmatic and practical, me. But when it comes to practical I am very creative. I once worked in this weird little store that sold art pottery, art candles, they were actually fabulous sculptures made of wax that incidentally had a wick in them. The store also sold gardening supplies, wicker baskets, and assorted household doohickeys (like a ceramic egg separator). Anyway, the store was on the upper Eastside of Manhattan and people would wander in looking for something in particular which we didn’t have but more often than not I could find something that would do the trick. Like one night some guy comes rushing in looking for ashtrays (this was back in the 1980’s) and I sold him several of the ceramic egg separators to use – they were just small shallow dishes with an indention on the lip – looked pretty much like an ashtray.

Anyway I am always finding ways to use one thing to do the job of something else. I’m really creative that way. Kinda MacGyver-ish.

I desperately need a new sofa. We have a leather loveseat that converts into a bed and I can feels the wires and bars right through the cushion. Plus we got totally ripped off on that thing because it was bonded leather not real leather and the leather has been flaking off the backing for years. Looks like shit, feels like shit.

Thing is – there are no furniture stores around here – even when we did have a car driving to Maryland or 50-60 miles south was just not a happening thing. Then of course there is the matter of what I like, and what I like I can’t afford or it doesn’t exist. Plus it can’t be any longer than say 70 inches. Don’t have the room or the need for something bigger. So guess what clever me did? I bought a patio sofa! End of season it was very reasonably priced, the cats can’t trash it, the cushions can be replaced when they get flat and the covers can be washed – Yes! It looks like this –
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 5.28.27 PM
It comes in 10 colors, we got it in tangerine. And no, Lin, it does not come with the throw pillows just the cushions, tho I may be forced to buy some sort of pillow in case I want to lie down. (I’m thinking a standard sized bed pillow with some fun kind of pillowcase.)

So whether it’s leftover spaghetti, or furniture, I can be a very creative and clever puss.