For your convenience

I shall dub Thursdays as complaint days. No complaining will be allowed on any other day. So let’s begin shall we?

♥ Thursday is grocery shopping day, which is also Senior Discount Day, which means being thankful that I am not that old yet. I’m old enough for the discount but not the disorientation. But that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about those that are – disoriented. I should be sympathetic, really I should. I’m sure that will be me someday but not today so…Shopping carts left all over the store, higgeldy-piggeldy, while their owners wander about searching for items in other parts of the store. And these folks wander slowly, and never in a straight line. 

Blame it on the weather. Blame everything on the weather. It’s so humid that I couldn’t tell whether it was raining or not – it was just that damp outside. And inside. And everything, everywhere. It’s warm and sticky and cool, all at the same time. And damp. Did I mention that, the damp? Everything is turning mossy (read: mildew) green, including me. 

This weather requires a/c and, AND a sweatshirt. The a/c to try and dry the house out, the sweatshirt because I am freezing my ass off. 

  Frankie now has two kinds of pills and two kinds of eyedrops and she has learned how to hide the pills under her tongue or in her cheek or wherever she is hiding them so when we check to see if she has indeed swallowed them her mouth looks all clear until we put her down and she spits it out, and we don’t see her spit it out but find the errant pill in another room! 

♥️ Referring back to the weather, and that I can’t sleep with the windows closed – I woke up this morning with an attitude…


I am bewildered

by all this mishegoss going on in this country. What’s that saying “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

There was a special section in the Washington Post covering the year 1968 – and nothing has changed in this country in 50 years – and actually longer, 400+ years.

I was interrupted while composing this and rather than address specific issues, I realized, in a completely ‘duh’ moment – it’s fear that drives all the mishegoss, here and everywhere else on the planet, from the beginning of time.

Fear of  ‘the other’ . And hubris, in a way.  Way back to neanderthal versus homo sapiens.

Being aware is becoming a burden.

And that’s why cats have taken over the internet. When we can’t take any more hate, we hunker down with soft and furry.

I’m having one of my for-no-apparent reason antsy, edgy days

Restless night, up at least 3 times because of leg cramps, both legs at the same time; paper delivery person’s car alarm goes off right under our windows at 3:30am – Hoo boy. Back to fitful sleep, up around 5-ish, back to bed and then Boom! slept like a log until 8:45am. I felt rather rested then, having a hard time staying awake now in mid-afternoon.

We were going to walk up to the store this morning, I would have had no problem, but with the reasonable heat (77º), unreasonable humidity 77%) and oppressive dew point (69), my husband wouldn’t have survived 3 blocks. (It’s a lot worse now.) I got totally annoyed with the self-checkout at the grocery – stupid, stupid, stupid thing – took forever, kept having to have the ‘assistant’ come over – even with lines at the manned checkout aisles, it would have been faster. Besides, I don’t work retail anymore, I am no longer a cashier. Something or other I read recently said we should boycott self-checkouts so that stores would have to hire people to do the job. You self-checkout and you are taking a job from someone. I am SO okay with that reasoning.

So I don’t really know what’s making me antsy and edgy – I was feeling this way before the grocery store stupidity. I am also feeling terrifically lazy, have been for several days now.  I am doing the absolute minimum each day – of course my minimum might be someone else’s maximum but…


We watch too much British tv

Off the lobby of our building we have vending machines with beverages and snacks. The other night I asked my husband if he could get me some kind of chocolate candy. He came back with a snickers bar and said “They only have 4 kinds of candy bars, the rest is all cookies and crisps”. Aha – you see? What in the USA, is called ‘chips’ the Brits call ‘crisps’.  And now so do we. Britishisms just float right out of our mouths without us knowing. It’s what we hear, so it’s what we say.

Speaking of the UK, one of my favorite shows is Escape to the Country, and my favorite part of the UK is now Monmouthshire,  in south east Wales. Every time they have a show featuring Monmouthshire I sit there, transfixed, yelling “fake” at the television. The countryside there is so beautiful that I simply can’t believe it really exists. It must be CGI; I watch dumbfounded, totally gobsmacked by the beauty.

Here’s a recent show with the first house in Monmouthshire, the video quality is not as good as on a real tv but it will give you some idea of the breathtaking beauty of the countryside. Also, if you watch the whole show, you will notice how much more interesting it is than the US house hunting shows…Enjoy!