We watch too much British tv

Off the lobby of our building we have vending machines with beverages and snacks. The other night I asked my husband if he could get me some kind of chocolate candy. He came back with a snickers bar and said “They only have 4 kinds of candy bars, the rest is all cookies and crisps”. Aha – you see? What in the USA, is called ‘chips’ the Brits call ‘crisps’.  And now so do we. Britishisms just float right out of our mouths without us knowing. It’s what we hear, so it’s what we say.

Speaking of the UK, one of my favorite shows is Escape to the Country, and my favorite part of the UK is now Monmouthshire,  in south east Wales. Every time they have a show featuring Monmouthshire I sit there, transfixed, yelling “fake” at the television. The countryside there is so beautiful that I simply can’t believe it really exists. It must be CGI; I watch dumbfounded, totally gobsmacked by the beauty.

Here’s a recent show with the first house in Monmouthshire, the video quality is not as good as on a real tv but it will give you some idea of the breathtaking beauty of the countryside. Also, if you watch the whole show, you will notice how much more interesting it is than the US house hunting shows…Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “We watch too much British tv

  1. I’m reading from my tablet so I don’t think everything shows. Ive though of starting a new blog but just don’t feel like,putting all the effort in to starting over


    1. It is a lot of effort and WP is making me crazy, I can see the blogroll on my desktop but not on my iPad and the blog is supposed to be optimized for ‘mobile’. You realize I have been at this for close to 6 hours now LOL But that includes time spent on another site screwing up my blogger feed…


  2. I see the blogroll! Now I’ll see if I can comment. I didn’t know crisps were chips. So are chips potatoes like in fish and chips?

    Monmouthshire is very pretty! It’s lush and green like it is here! I like watching house hunting shows from other countries to see how different it is from here. Usually the kitchen is the most different.


    1. Oh good! Yes chips would be fried potatoes as in fish and chips. No disrespect to your part of the country but the English countryside is like nothing I have ever seen. As for the international real estate shows I find the bathrooms weird. And have you noticed in Italy people seem to take the entire kitchen with them when they move – every damn bit of it!


  3. We also watch quite a bit of British t.v. and I’ve caught myself doing similar things. I also read a lot of international news and have to think twice about how to spell words using American english (color / colour)


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