I’m having one of my for-no-apparent reason antsy, edgy days

Restless night, up at least 3 times because of leg cramps, both legs at the same time; paper delivery person’s car alarm goes off right under our windows at 3:30am – Hoo boy. Back to fitful sleep, up around 5-ish, back to bed and then Boom! slept like a log until 8:45am. I felt rather rested then, having a hard time staying awake now in mid-afternoon.

We were going to walk up to the store this morning, I would have had no problem, but with the reasonable heat (77º), unreasonable humidity 77%) and oppressive dew point (69), my husband wouldn’t have survived 3 blocks. (It’s a lot worse now.) I got totally annoyed with the self-checkout at the grocery – stupid, stupid, stupid thing – took forever, kept having to have the ‘assistant’ come over – even with lines at the manned checkout aisles, it would have been faster. Besides, I don’t work retail anymore, I am no longer a cashier. Something or other I read recently said we should boycott self-checkouts so that stores would have to hire people to do the job. You self-checkout and you are taking a job from someone. I am SO okay with that reasoning.

So I don’t really know what’s making me antsy and edgy – I was feeling this way before the grocery store stupidity. I am also feeling terrifically lazy, have been for several days now.  I am doing the absolute minimum each day – of course my minimum might be someone else’s maximum but…


8 thoughts on “I’m having one of my for-no-apparent reason antsy, edgy days

  1. I like the new look. I’m not sure I’d be up to switching to Word Press at this point. I’m a tired blogger. Hahaha!

    The heat may be making you edgy. I know it does me.

    I use self-checkout when the lines are long at stores. BS that they are costing people their jobs. The stores aren’t hiring enough workers and the lines get ridiculously long…and my time is money, so if you can’t get someone to do the job, I shall do it myself. If they can get those stupid machines to work properly, I say fire all the simpletons who can’t do their job as cashier. And to think they want $15/hour to do that. Pishaw.


  2. I think I am really liking WP. I’ve got nothing better to do with my life so I have the time to mess around plus I always wind up learning something new. So it’s all good for me, minus my initial frustration.

    I think if they paid the cashiers a decent salary they might get decent work out of them. It’s a physically taxing job, and dealing with the public is no picnic. I pack most of my own groceries because it’s my money paying for the food and I’d like to get it home in the same condition that I took it off the shelf! We do our main shopping on Thursday, Senior Discount Day, and there was one cashier, Richard, whose line snaked around the front of the store while other cashiers lines were empty. Why? Because Richard was pleasant, efficient and knew how to pack a bag. I sent a compliment to corporate headquarters about him and now I haven’t seen him in 2 weeks. I hope he got a promotion and a transfer. My local Harris Teeter is not well run, and according to other employees, who have managed to transfer out, morale there is low.


  3. Sorry that you are having an antsy, edgy day! Hopefully, those feeling will soon go away. Was not sure what happened to Dragons Alley but glad I found you on this site. Always enjoy reading your thoughts, cat stories and photos, etc.


    1. Hi Shirley – How are you? On a good day I can cycle through so many moods I make myself dizzy LOL Sometimes there’s a good reason and sometimes I can’t figure it out myself. It’s late in the afternoon now and I’m good. (I’ll be leaving Dragon’s Alley on that blogspot address, just because. Somehow I totally screwed up on its connection to my dot come address – and I’m not even going to try to fix that one. I like WP – it works so much better than blogger. Should have done this years ago!)


  4. Walking to the store in that humidity would’ve been horrible! BB is so much bigger than Miss Frankie! I can’t believe she’s laying so close to him!

    After so many nights of not much sleep, maybe your body needs more rest. Or, as Lin said, maybe it is the heat. Whatever is causing it I hope you feel better soon!


    1. Ah, my moods change quickly tho I’m guessing environment has a lot to do with it as well as the quality and quantity of restful sleep.


  5. Maybe it’s just the time of year. You feel about summer the way I feel about winter.
    I rarely use the self-checkout. It’s not because I think I’m taking a job, I hate the tiny little bagging area they give you. There is one store that has a self-checkout that used to be a regular one, so you have the use of the conveyor belt. I rarely shop at that store though because the prices are so high.


    1. I don’t use plastic bags and at the self checkout they don’t provide paper bags and if I put my canvas bag in the ‘bagging’ area the stupid machine thinks it’s an item to be purchased. Screw that whole thing, I’ll wait on line, I ain’t got no where to go and all day to get there!


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