For your convenience

I shall dub Thursdays as complaint days. No complaining will be allowed on any other day. So let’s begin shall we?

♥ Thursday is grocery shopping day, which is also Senior Discount Day, which means being thankful that I am not that old yet. I’m old enough for the discount but not the disorientation. But that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about those that are – disoriented. I should be sympathetic, really I should. I’m sure that will be me someday but not today so…Shopping carts left all over the store, higgeldy-piggeldy, while their owners wander about searching for items in other parts of the store. And these folks wander slowly, and never in a straight line. 

Blame it on the weather. Blame everything on the weather. It’s so humid that I couldn’t tell whether it was raining or not – it was just that damp outside. And inside. And everything, everywhere. It’s warm and sticky and cool, all at the same time. And damp. Did I mention that, the damp? Everything is turning mossy (read: mildew) green, including me. 

This weather requires a/c and, AND a sweatshirt. The a/c to try and dry the house out, the sweatshirt because I am freezing my ass off. 

  Frankie now has two kinds of pills and two kinds of eyedrops and she has learned how to hide the pills under her tongue or in her cheek or wherever she is hiding them so when we check to see if she has indeed swallowed them her mouth looks all clear until we put her down and she spits it out, and we don’t see her spit it out but find the errant pill in another room! 

♥️ Referring back to the weather, and that I can’t sleep with the windows closed – I woke up this morning with an attitude…


8 thoughts on “For your convenience

  1. We ran into the wayward senior (on her phone) zig-zagging around DSW the other day. We couldn’t get around her! It was like a video game–try to get around the old lady on the phone. Ugh.

    Do you have a pill shooter for the cats? If not, see if you can find one from your vet or online. It’s a long stick with a rubberized end that holds the pill. You stick that thing way back in their mouths and push the little plunger and it goes down the back of their throat. Works well.


    1. They are cute when they are on their phones, squinting and jabbing! We’ve never had any luck with the pill poppers – pills don’t fit! Easier to slip it into the side of her mouth and hold her mouth closed and stroke her neck.


  2. I lack patience in a grocery store so senior days would be a nightmare for me! But then again, college students aren’t much better since they usually come in packs so clog up the whole aisle plus they’re looking down at their phones.

    Ugh, humidity is horrible! I completely understand your frustrations with it. We’re still in the 60s and this morning I almost turned on the heat since my feet were still cold even with socks on!

    Miss Frankie Lulu Belle is too smart for her own good! What a stinker spitting out the pill! They need to make all medication for cats a liquid. It’s not easier to get their mouth open but at least it can be squirted in quicker.

    By the way, I’m loving the book so far! Thank you! (((hugs)))


    1. Not just spitting it out, but waiting until she was 3 rooms away before spitting it out! Where the hell she was hiding that pill I have no idea. We initially had the liquid but she really hated that stuff. We were good with the pills for almost 2 weeks and now she is just done with it.

      The humidity here is insane, always has been, but with climate change and warmer (much warmer) summer temps it is out of control, it’s like living in a tropical jungle.

      I’m glad you are liking the Little Prince, it’s supposed to be a children’s book but I never could see that. It was to the late 60’s what Lord of the Rings was to the early 60’s – at least among people my age.


  3. The leaving carts and wandering off isn’t limited to the disoriented ones here. I’ve seen young people leave their cart and go off to hunt for something. The worst is when they leave a purse in the cart.
    We’ve had the humid sticky issue here also. It never used to bother me but the last couple years, the humidity is killing me. No A/C here though. I never liked it but now I would love to have it.


    1. I forgot what I was logged in under. I attempted a wordpress blog and now when I come here I’m already logged in to that account unless I log out first. So that comment is from little old me 🙂


    2. Women who leave their purses in the cart, or just have them in the cart open – how stupid are they? Maybe where you live there isn’t much crime, and quite frankly where I live there isn’t much crime but why tempt fate? So stupid.

      The a/c doesn’t do much for the humidity to tell the truth – I hate it, really I do – I’m happy with the windows open and a fan, except – my husband hates fans sigh. And this building is old and the HVAC system is via something called convector units and they are just plain noisy.


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