Practical Matters

A couple of years ago we had the overhead light fixtures changed out. The ones that were here were from 1965 – large, cut glass, ugly-ass lights. The ones in the hallway looked a lot like pineapples, hanging 6 inches down from the ceiling. And to get the globes off they had those tiny screws running along the base that needed the tiniest of fingers to manipulate. I replaced them with square, low-profile “globes” that easily twisted off when you needed to replace a bulb. Until – 2 weeks ago my husband attempted to get the globe off and it wouldn’t budge. The base was turning in the ceiling, not a good thing. The building engineer came up to see if he could get it off and nope, he couldn’t get it off either. My husband was showing the guy how the globes just twisted off on one of the other lights and the damn thing shattered. WTH! Well now, I needed 4 new light fixtures. The general assumption by the men being that the other ‘globes’ weren’t going to come off in one piece. Swell.

My job was to find new fixtures. I know nothing about light fixtures despite having found and purchased they ones we currently, have and were replacing. I mean, look how well my first choice turned out.

Knowing nothing, I finally chose these.  There are 4000k – which meant nothing to me but hoo-boy are these BRIGHT. I mean really BRIGHT.  Also, there is NO BULB. We have LED bulbs but this entire thingy is LED; they are in the base. If you clicked the link then you know these are a) very low profile b) rather industrial looking. All of which are super fine with us because a) we have 8 foot ceilings and my husband is 6’6″ and b) we like the industrial look – clean, neat and unfussy.  If you have to buy light bulbs, especially LED bulbs you might want to double check on the kelvin number, the higher the ‘k’, the brighter the light – who knew? Not me!

Today is the annual “haul your junk away” day. One of the amenities with this building is every apartment is assigned a storage unit, and even nicer the storage unit is on the same floor as the apartment. For those of you who have never lived in an apartment building condo, storage units are usually in the basement. The larger the apartment, the larger the storage unit, so we have a nice sized one. Another of the amenities with this building is that once a year the condo association pays the trash hauling company to come by and take away all of your junk. And they have also added a shredder service as well. You can bring your unwanted junk downstairs to the trucks, and score a donut or two, or you can have them come up and take your junk away. For big junk this is really handy – we got rid of 2 box springs and a king-size bed frame this year. Also – there is some charity who hangs out by the truck and picks over the household items to see if any are in good enough shape to be re-used. Last year a refugee relocation charity was soliciting such items, this year it’s a homeless shelter type organization. So, you know all good. (And yes, the charity is vetted for legitimacy.)

Frankie’s eye is getting better tho I don’t know how much of the medication is actually getting into her system. The first week of liquid antibiotics didn’t go well, so we switched to pills, and the first week of pills went well, but we are into the 3rd week of antibiotics and the pill thing has become a real struggle. But she seems fine with the eye drops, so I don’t know what to tell you. She’s back to the vet on Monday. Every 5 days, she is back at the vet. This is getting annoying for everyone.

If you have even scanned through this whole post, much less actually read it, good for you, and thanks!

8 thoughts on “Practical Matters

    1. Not so much getting her to the vet, Uber is good with that, better than a cab which /who (?) would charge us extra or not even take us at all, but getting the meds into her – Oy! But her eye is clearing up, so I’m thinking at least 2 more vet trips, probably 3? You know what, you’re right – poor Frankie’s people who have to get her to the vet – this is getting wearisome (and expensive).


  1. I’ve got several light fixtures in my house that have been here since it was built in 1988. They’ll probably still be there when I’m long gone too…lo
    I don’t envy you trying to get the meds in Frankie. I remember how frustrating it was when I had to try and give pills to Duke. I would think he swallowed them and as soon as I let him go he would spit them out on the floor. I even tried one of those pill shooters.


    1. I had a pill shooter, didn’t work, for one thing the pill is too big for the pill shooter. Oh man the light fixtures that were here were SO godawful. I have no doubt there are folks who would have loved them but those are people with taste up their asses. The square ones I bought were really nice but it seems they had their problems, or, the men around here are a bit inept. What can I tell ya. These new ones are supposed to last for 50,000 hours, and since they are the hallway lights which we only use for minutes a day, I’m guessing I will long be gone by the time they will have to be replaced.


  2. I hope Miss Frankie is all healed up soon so you don’t have to mess with medication. I’m sure she hopes so too!
    I need to look at those places you suggested to find new light fixtures. I’ve replaced a lot in the house already but there’s still the ones in the hallways plus I would really like a new fixture over the dining room table. There’s always something it seems. By the way, I read every word of this post!


    1. I expect that you want something more ‘fashionable’ than I have but since you pay for your electricity I suggest you look at fixtures that take LED bulbs, tho I expect most fixtures take them. They are initially more expensive than incandescent, and incandescent are hard to find these days anyway, and LED bulbs look like incandescents, not like the curly energy saving bulbs, but LEDs will save you money.


    1. Yup, the kelvin number refers to the ‘color’ of the light and it’s brightness – 4000K is bright sunlight. Now a 2300K is described as a soft yellow light, as much as I like yellow I don’t think that would work for me. Always learning something…


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