I’ve always said

that if you have to be poor, it’s good to be Italian because there are so many ways to make macaroni.

I realize everyone calls macaroni ‘pasta’ these days, so do I, truth to tell, but growing up we called it macaroni. “What’s for dinner?”, “Macaroni” ,”What kind?” ,”Fusilli”.

Then again, people who had to have macaroni every day (HAD to have) were called ‘spaghetti benders’ – at least where I come from anyway.

Macaroni was always cheap. Nowadays I pay 99¢ for a pound of macaroni at Trader Joe’s, 65 years ago a pound of macaroni was probably way cheaper.  A pound of macaroni goes a long way. And if you kept some back, you could use it the next day for another meal and stretch by adding eggs and making a macaroni omelet.

Yes, that’s right, a macaroni omelet.

When we first moved to NoVA money was super tight and one night I made too much spaghetti and, cheap as it was, I wasn’t about to throw out the ‘extra’. So the next night I put that spaghetti in a pan with some olive oil, cracked a couple of eggs into it, probably a little bit of meat and voilà – a spaghetti omelet.

Somewhere along the line finances got better and I haven’t made a spaghetti omelet in years. My husband often asks about it – “Remember when you used to make…”

Well tonight I am making one and it will be a PITA because I don’t have any leftover macaroni. You see Sundays are omelet-dinner night only I forgot to buy eggs, so I have only 2. It is raining like crazy so a 2-mile round trip walk to the store is so not in the cards. But I do have Italian sausage, lots of spaghetti, and with my two jumbo eggs the making of a very hearty spaghetti omelet.

The PITA being I will have to make some spaghetti. No big deal you say; I say – it is a whole new mess to make on top of cooking the sausage. Lots of pots and pans are going to be used, which I then have to wash (like I haven’t already washed dishes twice today – meh.)

I’ll let you know how it comes out and even maybe take a picture (tho, to be honest, I think people who take pictures of their food are a bit – well, I don’t know, pretentious? )

11 thoughts on “I’ve always said

  1. You call me pretentious, I call me goofy because I do take pictures of my food…lol I’ve never heard of an omelet with macaroni or spaghetti in it. Sounds interesting.


    1. It didn’t come out the way I wanted it to but it was delicious anyway. I don’t get why folks photograph their food – unless it’s instructions for a recipe, I just don’t get it!


  2. My experience with Italian food is pretty basic – mac & cheese, spaghetti and lasagna is about it so spaghetti omelet is something I’ve never heard of or even thought of! I do know that I’m now craving pasta! Wish I could join you for some real pasta and gravy!

    I sometimes take pics of food when it’s something out of the ordinary but every day stuff? Nope.


    1. Honey-bunny, love ya to pieces but mac & cheese ain’t Italian! I don’t know if a ‘spaghetti omelet’ is Italian per se but it is what we ate sometimes – I suppose calling it an omelet just because it has eggs and is cooked in a frying pan…who knows, just my name for it.


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