A million kabillion things to tawk about

The thing about WordPress is you can change your theme really easily and I’ve been flippin ‘n flopping around for days. I also made a blog for photos and you can access that on the menu bar above. I expect, as time passes, I will change themes again, mostly because a) I can and b) I get bored easily, which is why I’ve never spent a lot of money on furniture or “home decor” – a year, two and I’m ready for something else. (And no, I have never, I do not now, and I never will – have a throw pillow.)

Today has been the first day, in what seems weeks, that it isn’t raining, or dank, dreary or humid or all 4 at the same time (wait – all 4 are pretty a package, aren’t they?) I needed eggs and grapes and didn’t want to walk all the way to Harris Teeter, besides I didn’t want to buy eggs at Harris Teeter. For some reason eggs at HT are so expensive I often expect to open the carton and find it filled with golden eggs.

I bought a carton of jumbo (yup, jumbo eggs) for $1.99 at the little market up the street (only 1/2 a mile away, give or take, depending on which route I take). Grapes were the same price there as at HT – why the hell are grapes so expensive? (Or maybe they’re not and I just have a warped sense of what things should cost.) Now here is the truly unfortunate thing (or maybe not) just before you get to the little market you pass a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. And right around lunch time the smell of fresh, fried chicken is so enticing I was hard pressed to walk past. But I did. I went to the market, got my grapes and eggs but oh – the heavenly scent of fried chicken! I called my husband and asked if he wanted some – Popeyes fried chicken was always our special guilty pleasure that we indulged in maybe only 2 or 3 times a year, and we haven’t had any in over a year.  He said “Sure – can I get a biscuit?” Of course, you can have a biscuit!

Here’s the thing – this stuff is expensive! And why do ‘combo’ meals always come with soda? I don’t drink soda, I don’t want soda, if I wanted soda I have some at home – what is this soda shit? I want 3 chicken tenders and a biscuit – and that choice isn’t on the menu. Never having been in a Popeyes before (hubby always went) I was a bit confused by their menu, pricing, options and the guy behind the counter was really very patient. When I got home I found that there were 4 chicken tenders in my box (my husband only had 3). I had spicy, my husband had mild and somehow I had communicated to the guy at the counter which was for whom. Sometimes a little polite confusion works out well.

We have to talk about books soon.

4 thoughts on “A million kabillion things to tawk about

  1. I’ve never had Popeyes chicken but the commercials make it look so good! We don’t have any near us which is probably a good thing. J is grilling chicken for supper but wish we had biscuits to go with it! Yum!

    It’s nice you have a market so close by. That’s a nice walk too. Our closest grocery store is a mile away and I often think of walking there for something but it’s downhill all the way there which means it’s uphill home. So I take the car. Yeah, I’m a wuss.

    My kitty throw pillow makes me smile! Just saying. 🙂


    1. Popeyes is waay better than KFC, I can tell you. Plus they have onion rings which are always fresh – every time G has ordered some he has to wait while they fry some up. HT (the BIG supermarket) is just a little under a mile away, 9/10 according to google maps, and we usually walk that one-way and then take an Uber back with all of our groceries. Unless it’s just a bread and milk run, then we walk back from there.


  2. Eggs were over $3 a dozen for the large a couple months back. I don’t know why they went up so much but it was a bit crazy.
    We don’t have a Popeyes around here. I see the commercial on tv all the time though.


    1. At Trader Joe’s large eggs are under $2 and extra large are like $2.25. At HT the cheapest eggs are like $3.50 for large – which if you price them out are 30 cents an egg which isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things.

      Popeyes is excellent! Much better than KFC – for us it is a treat – this being the South, Popeyes is more popular than KFC – I don’t know of any of those any where near here.


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