Once again (still) out of the loop

out-of-the-loopEverywhere I click today people are talking about the death of Anthony Bourdain. I had no idea, or very little idea, of who he was – something to do with food, and television? I googled him of course, saw images of him, they didn’t ring any bells – never laid eyes on his image before.

Pop culture seems to have passed me by and the only time I notice it is when I get stumped doing the NYT crossword.  Anything having to do with any Disney production – not a clue. Anything to do with any of the myriad animated television shows; talent competition shows; latest Broadway musicals (oh wait, they are all based on Disney stuff and animated television shows).  You can also safely assume I have no knowledge of any of the recent (say last 15 years!) superhero movies. Oh hell, even tho I read the reviews, I have little personal knowledge of any movies in easily the last 20 years.

We won’t even discuss the music ‘scene’ ’cause I’m just not makin’ that scene.

Books, Music, Television, Movies, Fashion – I’ve totally lost touch. And it doesn’t perturb me much except when I get stumped by a crossword puzzle clue.

9 thoughts on “Once again (still) out of the loop

  1. I knew who Anthony Bourdain was but haven’t seen an entire show of his. I didn’t realize he was a storyteller as people are saying because the few minutes I saw he seemed arrogant which turned me off. First impressions I guess.

    I’m going to the movies today with a friend to see The Book Club. It looks like it’ll be funny so I’m looking forward to it. I never had any touch on fashion so nothing lost for me there! Lol


    1. Based solely on what I have read about that movie, and based on me (which really is NO base at all) it’s what – science fiction? I can’t believe woman of that age would be affected by that Grey book. And how do you sit in one place for 2 hours LOL I can’t. Even tho I spend my days sitting, it’s never for more than 20 minutes, then I get up and do something – anything. Vacuum even! I have the attention span of a 3-year old.

      I used to love fashion. I coveted a courtier Yves St. Laurent suit, or anything St. Laurent. I followed all the fashion openings – ah, to be young again. (No, not really.)

      I haven’t been in a movie theatre in 18 years – Do they still smell like they kept elephants there overnight? (And why do I know what a place where elephants were kept smells like? Don’t ask LOL)


      1. The movie was pretty funny! I enjoyed it. It ended up being romantic which of course I like. I sit a lot longer than 2 hours for my job so it wasn’t a problem although I really don’t like to sit that long. I already had 23k steps before going in so it was kinda nice to sit! Theaters are pretty nice with cozy chairs now. I went to one in Fort Collins, CO that had recliners and trays to sit drinks or whatever on! Fancy schmancy!

        There wasn’t much Yves St. Laurent in Kansas when I was young! 🙂

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  2. I heard about Anthony Bourdain but had no idea who he was. The girls at work will talk about movies and different actors/actresses and I have no clue who they are talking about. I don’t keep up with any of it. I think the last time I saw a movie in a theater was over 12 years ago.

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    1. For me it was about 18 years ago! Aside from sitting so long, if you hate the film walking out doesn’t cost effective since movies are so damn expensive – you spent all that money so you just sit through it!


    1. I know – but sometimes I feel a little left out. Then again, when I go exploring all this stuff I know nothing about, well, I feel like I haven’t missed anything at all!


  3. My knowledge of pop culture is pretty limited, but I was familiar with Anthony Bourdain’s shows. He did a good job of showing a slice of real life from various countries, some of which most of us would never consider visiting. There was always food, but sometimes that seemed to be more the back story. I will miss his show.

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    1. From all the press and ‘appreciation’ articles it would appear that this man had a big impact on people – I don’t watch travel shows or food shows. I was dimly aware of him as they guy who ate weird stuff, or maybe that is someone else?


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