Way back when

before my time, tho I do remember as a very little kid flipping through one at my Grandmother’s house, there was the Sears catalogue aka the Wish Book.  Just for fun, if you would like to browse through a 1901 Sears catalogue you can find it HERE.

Nowadays, the equivalent for me is a Crate and Barrel catalogue. Summer, Winter, Spring – any category at all. Even stuff I don’t want; have no use for, I like. I want to live a Crate&Barrel lifestyle. (I’d also like to live a Roche-Bobois lifestyle too – neither one is going to happen.)

You do realize that I can appreciate/like/admire something without actually wanting it, right?

At any rate, I just received the Summer Crate&Barrel catalogue and I am in love (l-u-v) with this sofa, particularly in this color – sofa

It’s called the Infiniti Curve Back Sofa.  The problem is I want it in leather. I don’t do fabric. Also I would need a bigger apartment, or at least a differently configured apartment. But still…

I love the shape of this, and I particularly love this color – they call it lagoon, it looks like a dark teal green (or teal blue?) – more green than blue. I betcha this thing is comfortable too. I lovey this!

Ah,  Crate & Barrel catalogues, they just make me happy (even tho I wouldn’t buy 99% of what is in them).


6 thoughts on “Way back when

  1. Yes, I do realize that it is possible to appreciate/admire something without wanting it. People in general would be better served to admire, enjoy, and simply be happy for the possessor of things without stewing in envy. btw, I like that couch, too, though I’d probably choose a more neutral color for myself.


    1. Not many people seem to realize that for some strange reason. I appreciate and acknowledge Picasso’s genius but I wouldn’t have one of his cubist paintings in my home on a bet.

      That couch is terrific, right? If you click the link you will see that is does come in neutral colors. I want it in that color in leather! (Oh, yeah they have coordinating throw pillows to go with it!)


  2. I loved the Christmas catalogs! I’d make my lists for each – Sears, Montgomery Wards and Jcpenney. I’d make my school clothes list from the fall JCP catalog too. These days I easily get frustrated shopping online because I can’t see everything without clicking on the right category so I just close the site. Saves me money I suppose.

    I like the color of that couch! I get the idea of admiring but not wanting something. I feel that way about the gray trend. I like it but I don’t want it in my house.


    1. Aside from the Sears catalogue I remember from my visits to my grandmother, I don’t recall ever seeing (or shopping) from Sears, Monkey Wards, or JC Penney. Maybe because we lived in a big city, or were poor, – there were plenty of brick-and-mortar stores to choose from, including those of the aforementioned catalogue providers.

      I’ve been a grey-decor person for a long time but only as an accent color ie: my bedsheets combined with a yellow blanket/bedspread. I like grey as an accent with brighter colors – I’ve seen rooms with grey walls and I don’t care for that at all – it seems all washed out. I’ll stick with my banana cream walls, and the next time I have to paint I will make myself crazy choosing the right shade of grey (and there seems to be a kabillion of them) to use on the trim.


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