I woke up this morning achey in both mind and body. I stayed too long abed. And yes, I talk like that in real life. I spent far too much of my youth in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.

Whingeing, Whining, Kvetching are not exactly synonymous, tho whinging and kvetching are closest to each other. I actually googled it. Perhaps whining is just the sound of whingeing and kvetching.

I suppose I could attribute my achey mind to my achey body – and that would be a good attribution. When tying your shoes becomes an onerous task and you start to think “I can’t do this anymore, life is too hard” ; well you can see the connection.

I would really like to whinge and kvetch – out loud, and loudly. Doing it silently in my head is just going to make matters worse BUT…

The basic, underlying problem is something I have been beating you and myself with for ten years now.  There was a possibility to alleviate the problem 6 years ago but I got tired fighting for it and so I just gave in and gave up. I could still do it now but the cost would be too high, and I mean that literally.

(Speaking of costs  – why are grapes $3.99 a pound? Am I living in some sort of fantasy land thinking that is way too much?)

I could do the upside/downside thing – but I’m just not in the mood to look at the upside (other than the fact that I no longer live in Philadelphia. Aw, geeze, those had to be the four most horrible years of my life, and trust me, I have had some truly, by anyone’s standards, horrible years.)

One problem I can afford to fix (and I am thankful that I can afford to fix it) is to get a new mattress. Having just spent $3000 on new computer equipment I can afford to spend $1300 for a new mattress.

So off I go to fix at least one of my problems. Can I get a pat on the back for that at least?




  1. Grapes aren’t the only thing that cost way too much but then I’m super cheap so I’m not the best judge. I think in order for whinging, whining and kvetching to be effective you need to have at least one person to dump it all on

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    1. I tend to say I am frugal, not cheap, because I will spend huge chunks of money (see computer equipment purchase) but the cost of food lately is just making my eyes goggle!

      I use the blog for dumping, at least that way people can get away easily. I don’t think I did much dumping even when I was in therapy. People have their own shit to whinge about, they don’t need mine. (And yet here it is LOL)


    1. Sometimes in the small ethnic groceries produce is a lot better quality and less in price but I have found even in the small grocery near me grapes are equally expensive. By the time Trump gets finished the only place we will be able to import stuff from will be Russia and N. Korea. While we do grow grapes in the USA there are no migrant workers anymore to pick them!

      As for mattresses, we have a king-size bed and mattresses get way more pricier in that size. I was going to buy a brand called Saatva, it is on-line only and the price includes delivery and old mattress removal but after reading some recent reviews and a short conversation with their Customer Relations Department, it seems the Saatva mattresses have a ‘break-in’ period. I’ve never heard of that. If the mattress isn’t comfortable from the get-go it will never be comfortable! So my search continues and I’d better find one sooner than later.


  2. I don’t even know how to pronounce whinging and kvetching! Sorry you’re still beating yourself up over something. I am glad you’re out of Philadelphia. I know you were miserable there.

    We have spent so much on groceries since buying organic, grass fed, you name it healthy stuff. I don’t understand why it’s so expensive to be healthy but we feel better so we pay it. sigh

    Yay for a new computer! That’ll be fun for you! My laptop is on it’s last leg but I don’t want to spend a lot to replace it. It’s about 8 years old I think. I only use it for blog stuff and photos so don’t need anything fancy, just reliable and fast.

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    1. I think ‘organic’ is a crock of shit, it’s not any better than non-organic it just costs more. Grass fed, well that applies to beef and I don’t like beef. I do follow the non-hormone hippy=dippy line of propaganda, also I will NOT buy farm raised fish. Don’t get me started on gluten-free – if you don’t have celiac disease you don’t need to avoid gluten which is actually good for you.

      My 8 year old iMac is dying a slow death and has major screen burn – so I opted for a new iMac and a new iPad – I was getting frustrated with my old iPad and figured a laptop would replace both of them but the new iPad is SUPER!

      Reliable, fast AND cheap? Living in a dream world, girl!

      (BTW – you can edit your comments on this site if you feel you need to correct a typo.)


      1. I couldn’t figure out how to edit my reply. I only saw the reply button so how do I do that in case I make another mistake!

        Love your honesty, Grace! Organic isn’t better but it has less antibiotics and pesticides. I used to have daily headaches and living on Excedrin but now I rarely have a headache so it’s working for me. I’m not gluten free but I limit it because after doing the Whole30 I found it also triggers headaches for me. I’ve suffered from severe, frequent headaches since I was a kid so to be living pretty much headache free these days is amazing to me. If I’m going to be a health coach I gotta believe in what I say! I’m pretty sure you won’t be signing up as one of my clients. Lol!


        1. Whatever works for you! No, I won’t be signing for any health coaching from anyone, any time! I’ve known me for 72 years now and someone who knows me 15 minutes don’t know jack! Ask my last medical practitioner!


    1. You know, I think that is very true. When I stay in bed too long, even if I am sleeping, I feel like crap when I get up, also more achey. Like everything else in life, it seems, moderation is the key to perfection.


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