Along with boxes I love trays

Y’all know my predilection for neat and tidy and organized. I like to put things in things so they are contained, neat and tidy. Over the years I have accumulated a few trays, I find them the perfect way to keep things together, and where they belong.

Today I re-arranged my trays!

The cats dishes (water and kibble) were in a large tray that we kept tripping over. Then last week I bought a silicone tray, very low profile for their their wet food because I got tired of having bits of dried chicken pate all over the kitchen floor.  It worked so well, I bought another for under their water/kibble dishes. Now what to do with the big plastic tray?

Last week my husband pushed the ‘brew’ button on the coffee maker before he put his cup under the spout – and you know what happened. So…

I have this old brass tray that I kept in the closet with all the huge, seldom used kitchen utensils. I also have on my dresser a pretty tray that I keep all my dresser odds and ends. I thought – let’s play musical trays and move things around.

The brass tray which had been in the closet – forgive the glare from the overhead light.

brass tray

The pretty tray from my bedroom dresser – once again, forgive the overhead light glare.


Switching things around, the plastic cat food tray went into the closet with the utensils; the brass tray went onto the dresser –dresser

And the pretty blue tray went under the coffee pot –

And voilà – Something new into the house but nothing had to go out because re-use and re-purpose worked out beautifully. Cool!

6 thoughts on “Along with boxes I love trays

    1. It all came together well, didn’t it. I don’t think of myself as creative but when it comes to stuff like this I can be pretty sharp.


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