Kind of a fun morning…

  • Time: 11am
  • Place: Home (NoVA)
  • Weather: Temperature: 81º, Humidity: 39%. Super sunny. No Breeze.

If I’m to make an omelet for Sunday dinner, I’m gonna need eggs. (Yes, I know today is Saturday but tomorrow the weather will be disgusting, so they say.) Therefore, I need to hike to the little market (only a mile round trip, but I’m old, I’m gimpy).

Do I have everything I need for this excursion? Hat – ✔︎ Glasses – ✔︎ Wallet, keys, phone – ✔︎ Tote bag – ✔︎ Off we go…


The biggest obstacle to hiking to the store, or anywhere around here, for that matter, is exactly that hiking – we got hills! And they all go up!

On the way to the store, first hill


Here’s the fun part –
At the foot of this hill, coming towards me is an older gentleman, with a hat almost like mine, and a cane. He steps to the side to let me pass. The following conversation ensues:

Me: slight laugh Oh thank you but I’m not going much faster than you are!
As I pass by I hear, from behind me, in a slight Southern drawl – 
Gentleman: Are you from New York City?
Me: laughing Yes, yes I am!
Gentleman: Brooklyn or Queens?
Me: Wow – you’re good. Born in the Bronx but mostly lived in Queens.
Gentleman: My folks were from Woodhaven…
Me: I grew up in Queens Village, near Cambria Heights/St. Albans…
Gentleman: nods knowingly You have something to brag about.
We both laugh and turn to go our opposite ways, I call out “Go safely now”.

Hiked the hill, bought eggs and grapes, headed home. The ‘going home hill’ –


So how was your Saturday morning?

7 thoughts on “Kind of a fun morning…

  1. Another great selfie! Made me smile!

    Sounds like a lovely walk including meeting that gentleman. He quickly picked up on how you tawk! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoa, Missy – you misunderstand me – trekking up hill on a hot sunny day is not a lovely walk or getting out and enjoying the day! It’s work, I’m retired, I’m old, I don’t have to work anymore (Get Off My Lawn!)


    1. I have come to absolutely hate these glasses which I thought were so fun when I tried them on, of course if that #$@** eyeglass place had actually ordered frames that fit me.. I am always surprised that people catch my accent, I don’t hear it myself unless I am tired (or angry), then it comes out so thick I stop and wonder “Who the hell is that tawkin” LOL


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