Monday at 9am

It’s 80º, feels like 84; humidity is 71% and the dew point is 70; it is deemed hazardous weather conditions, meaning if you go out side you can’t breathe. And it’s only 9am – oh, joy!

I got up at 5am, said “what the hell?” and went back to bed. Got up at 7:15 and said ‘what the hell!” because today is a laundry day and the laundry room hours are 7am-10pm and I like to cheat a bit and get int here at 6:45am.

While my husband was showering I made coffee, removed the old coffee k-cup, put in water, remembered to put a cup under the spout, hit brew. 3 minutes later the coffee pot beeped, I retrieved my cup and said ‘what the hell?” I had a cup of hot water because I forgot to put in a k-cup. Started over, coffee, water, coffee cup under spout, waited for the beep, no beep, I forgot to hit the brew button – Monday not going well. 

I thought I had solved my bed problems without spending $1300+. I bought a mattress pad for $30 and new pillows (2 for $35). The old sheets won’t fit over the mattress pad so I dug out the heavy (450TC) sheets until the new ones get here. No joy here – at least not a lot.

The mattress pad has eliminated some of the discomfort of the old mattress by covering up the ‘buttons’ on the mattress. So okay there. The new pillows are working nicely for my husband but not so much for me. Last year I bought wedge pillows – they are supposed to help with breathing, snoring, acid reflux – and they did, and do. Except – while my husband’s 8-inch wedge, with a regular pillow on top is just perfect for him, the 8-inch wedge, with no additional pillow, is much too ‘steep’ for me. I tend to slide right down the pillow and wind up with my head/neck in an uncomfortable position. I suppose if I had seen the pillows in real life I would have bought the smaller one for me and the larger for my husband – but that’s the problem with having to do all your shopping on-line. And the main reason I haven’t bought a new mattress – mail order mattresses may be a ‘thing’ right now but I can’t buy into it – suppose it’s uncomfortable, then what? 

Anyway, add the really nice new pillow to the wedge pillow and – Nope, not working for me. The heavy sheets weigh me down and I kick them off, then get chilled because the a/c is on –  But the mattress is more comfy – so win/lose for me, win-win for my husband. (And isn’t that always the case!)

On days like today, weather-wise, I am so glad I don’t go out to work anymore. Cannot even imagine, can’t even remember, what it was like to be all dressed up and heading out in this kind of weather, on the subway, sweating and gasping, especially in the days when stockings/pantyhose were a requirement. An hour on a crowded, non-air conditioned, subway car – sometimes a bus to the subway – so glad those days are behind me.

Did you notice I said ‘go out to work”? Even tho I rarely leave the apartment I work my butt off most days. Today’s list – laundry (done), bill paying/bookkeeping/take the stove apart and clean that puppy till it shines/fluff the bed/wipe down the bathrooms/scoop kitty litter/vacuum up kitty litter/wash dishes/make dinner/wash dishes. And, of course, screw around on the interwebz.

That’s a lot, so I’d better get my ass in gear and get to it. And if you are lolly-gagging around, get your ass in gear too – ‘stuff’ ain’t gonna get done by itself.

10 thoughts on “Monday at 9am

  1. It’s going to be another 98+ degree day here. I’m moving slowly as my body tells me to do so in this heat and humidity. Thank goodness it’s a “work” day, so I putter on the computer today and stay in the air conditioning.

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    1. Well it’s noon and the actual temp is 90 with a feels like of 97 but the humidity has gone down to 51% – the heat of the day usually comes around 4pm here – so I’m guessing we will go triple digits today. Oh joy *sigh*


  2. Sure hope your day improved even if the weather didn’t! You were definitely having a Monday! You did much more work than I did today. I have to work tomorrow but my commute is about 5 seconds. I couldn’t do the whole leave the house thing anymore. I like working with my cats anyway.

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    1. I have to tell the truth – I didn’t scrub the stove, I was putzing around on the computer But I did do everything else on my list, vacuumed once, swept twice!


  3. Since its only 4:30 in the morning I don’t consider it lolligagging just yet lol
    The humidity has been getting me the last few days. I remember my last job required a skirt and pantyhose. I worked later in the day and on those hot days it was miserable trying to get dresses

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    1. I don’t know how we did it – be thankful you never had to spend an hour on a hot, crowded subway car! NYC can get real ugly in the Summer!


  4. Is it worth it to go to an actual store and try out a few mattresses then get one delivered? Along with a smaller wedge pillow for yourself? Comfort during sleep is so important.

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    1. The problem with trying out mattresses in RL is – we don’t have a car so getting to the appropriate stores will be a total PITA and expensive, seeing as we will need to take Ubers or cabs – so I am putting that off until it becomes a total necessity. As for the wedge pillow, I’ve been dealing with it for over a year, most of the time it’s okay I guess, they are super expensive so I am reluctant to buy another one, plus I really have nowhere to store the one I have and am reluctant to just throw it out.


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