From the relatively benign to

the relatively malignant. “What is?” you say. “The word ‘irk'” I say.

Here’s a definition of the word irk, including synonyms –

verb: irk; 3rd person present: irks; past tense: irked; past participle: irked; gerund or present participle: irking
Irritate; annoy. “it irks her to think of the runaround she received”
Synonyms: irritate, annoy, gall, pique, nettle, exasperate, try someone’s patience; anger, infuriate, madden, incense, get on someone’s nerves; antagonize, provoke;
Informal: get someone’s dander up, ruffle someone’s feathers, make someone’s hackles rise; rub the wrong way, get (someone’s goat), get/put someone’s back up, make someone’s blood boil, peeve, miff, frost, rile, aggravate, needle, get to, bug, drive mad/crazy, tee off, tick off, piss off, PO, rankle, ride, drive up the wall, make someone see red.

Somehow we go from annoy to infuriate. I think that is quite a leap. Even annoy seems a bit strong to me.  If I say something irks me, I’m feeling mildly annoyed, not even enough to linger on it, much less be infuriated. If I’m infuriated then, hunny-bunny, steam is coming out of my ears!

We all have such personal relationships with words, don’t we? 

6 thoughts on “From the relatively benign to

  1. I get irked from time to time. Annoyed is the step after irked and it’s getting close to the point where whatever it is better stop before I get infuriated!

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    1. My health ‘retired’ me – and lo these many years I have often wished I had been able to keep working, if not for the money then for the social interaction and the sense of accomplishment. Of course when the weather sucks, like now in Summer, I’m glad I don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time.


    1. OMG Ann, are you a ‘thrower’ too? I am bad that way too – The last time I threw something, in anger/frustration was at the dentist – when I flung the first set of horrible dentures across the exam room. Thankfully I didn’t throw them at my lovely dental tech – that would have been unforgivable. But throwing things can be such a wonderful way to relieve tension and anger – just not ‘at’ anyone – walls and floors are good enough targets.


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