Unfortunately yes. But also,  who does that?

I have ranted in the past about the Food and Style sections of a certain newspaper (okay, The New York Times) but The Washington Post is no better. I have no idea who the articles/recipes are aimed at – certainly not me, probably not you either.

I no longer peruse the special Food sections of the newspapers, which for some reason appear on Wednesdays, but today I did – always good for a laugh.

In The Washington Post today there was a recipe for macaroni salad, not one of my favorite foods but the best part of this horror was the “note” in the recipe:

“NOTE: To hard-cook eggs, boil a few inches of water in a pot, over medium-high heat. Place the eggs in a steamer basket; seat over the boiling water; cover and reduce the heat to medium. Cook for 12 or 13 minutes, then turn off the heat. Transfer the eggs to a bowl with enough water and ice cubes to cover. Let them sit for 10 minutes, then drain and peel.

Not only does the writer seem to think that people need instructions on how to hard-boil an egg, but the instructions themselves. Seriously – who does this? When did boiling eggs, hard or soft, become this complicated? Holy Crap.

Now admittedly there are some few people in the world who can’t boil water, my husband being one of those people, I doubt he even knows how to turn on the stove (okay, I KNOW he doesn’t know how to turn on the stove) but – these instructions? To hard-cook (their pretentious little description) an egg? Have you ever hard-boiled an egg this way? And if you have, please, do NOT tell me about it. 

I’m not even going to discuss the rest of the recipe – bottled salad dressing, mayonnaise, Miracle Whip – Bleech!

17 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. *haha* Hard to believe, isn’t it. I saw a discussion on a blog one time on how to make boiled eggs in one of those Insta-Pots. That too was unreal to me. Put eggs into pot, cover with water, boil for 10 minutes, run cold water over eggs in pot, peel. How hard can it be?! Thanks for the hoot today. Lovingly, Andrea xoxo

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  2. That’s a pretty complicated recipe for making hard boiled eggs! Having said that, I do have trouble hard boiling eggs. It seems like either the shells come off in teeny tiny pain in the ass pieces or the egg isn’t completely hard and done. My cousin told me to bake them in the oven by putting them in cupcake tins. I just buy hard boiled eggs from Costco because it’s easier that way.

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    1. Sharla, hunny-bunny, you know I love you to pieces but really? You BUY hard-boiled eggs from Costco? No, no, no. You just put the eggs in a pot, cover with water and boil them for maybe 8 minutes. Turn off the heat. Then you can let them sit in the hot water for a while if you’re not sure they’re cooked (they are.) Run cold water over them – the eggs need to be cool. Then – you do just like in this video – Please ignore the goggles part, the guy is playing things for laughs but the technique is right – tap the egg against the counter, then roll it, then starting at the fat end of the egg, just peel the shell away. (

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      1. I’ve tried that many times and more times than not I screw something up because the shell comes off in a million pieces or it pulls the white off with it. Or the eggs aren’t cooked! I swear I’ve done those steps and it used to work perfectly but in the last few attempts – nope. They are a mess! I don’t know what I’m doing differently since clearly it’s not rocket science! J takes the Costco pack of 2 eggs as snacks at work so it is convenient although his minions say he’s uppity because he doesn’t even make his own eggs! LOL!


      2. thanks a lot, Grace, for sending me into hilarious black hole of Russian guy’s hacks — but really, what amazes me more than the hard boiled egg gripe, which I totally agree with — more than anything, am impressed with you guys reading not just one, but 2 newspapers — & in the middle of the week 🙂

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        1. My local paper is The Washington Post and my hometown paper is The New York Times. We have the Post delivered to our front door! Yes, we get a real live paper paper! I used to get the Times delivered as well, you know the paper-version, dropped at my front door, but it became prohibitively expensive here in Virginia. So I have the digital version of the Times, paper version of the Post – I’m covered!

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  3. Why would you use a steamer basket? Nope don’t do my eggs that way. Eggs go in the pan, covered with water and 20 minutes from the time I put them on they come off.
    I’m kind of laughing at Sharla’s comment and your reply. At work I do make hard boiled eggs and sell with the shell off. I had a customer call me one day wanting to know how I get them peeled so perfectly


    1. I have no idea what these people are thinking – but you they are all fancy-schmancy – not real people, ’cause us real people know how to boil a fricken egg.I sometimes think my darling Sharla had a very protected childhood, and God bless her for it. The only reason to buy a peeled boiled egg from a store is if you are craving one for lunch or a snack or something. But if you’re home – How do people not know this? Am I being naive? Is it me?


  4. I’ve never heard of hard-cooking eggs using a steamer basket. That’s just weird. I have seen the distinction between hard-“boiling” and hard-“cooking” though. Seems lots of people think the water has to keep boiling and they end up with cracked eggs & uneven cooking. If you “cook” them in hot water (bring to boil, then turn off heat), they don’t crack as often and cook more evenly. I use an ice bath to quickly cool the eggs if I want to use them soon after cooking.

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    1. True enough about keeping the water at a rolling boil – Personally I think the ice bath is just an extra unnecessary step (besides I don’t have any ice in the fridge, we have no use for ice cubes – ever- so I don’t ‘make’ any.)


    1. Miracle Whip is just mayo with pickle relish in it – You can make that yourself I suppose. Pickle relish is actually a nice add-in to mayo – give is some flavor! When I make tuna salad for G – I always add some.


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