Thursday is grocery shopping day

and therefore the most dreaded day of my week. I HATE grocery shopping. I HATE cooking. I HATE eating. And not to put too fine a point on it, I HATE everything and anything domestic. (Domestic meaning = relating to the running of a home or to family relations. ‘domestic chores’. Synonyms: family, home, household.)

So, yeah. I spent two days this weekend cleaning the apartment with a toothbrush. Hated every minute, I’m still recovering from the effort but I guess I like ‘clean’ more than I hate cleaning.

This morning sitting at the table trying to write up a grocery list I was near tears. I don’t want to do this! Think of foods to buy, cook it, eat it, clean up afterwards. I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS.

Whenever I lived alone, I was super slim because I didn’t eat much. I had breakfast, egg sandwich bought from a deli on my way to work; lunch was whatever, dinner was – pretty much nothing – certainly nothing I cooked. My refrigerator contained milk for my coffee and – occasionally eggs, a stick of butter, some fruit. Grocery shopping was cat food, toilet paper and such.  Food? Not so much.

(There was the period of time when I had no food in the house because I was too poor to buy food – of any kind. When the choice was to pay the rent or buy food, I chose to pay the rent.)

At various times of my life I lived with a man, and there was that whole cook/eat dinner thing. Which meant that I put on weight because domesticity does that for you. All that eating and sitting around. I HATE eating, and sitting around.

The odd thing is – I am actually quite a good cook, even an inventive cook. I have never served anyone a bad meal. And I have hated every single minute of it!

So here it is – 1pm. I guess you could call it lunch time. I’m not particularly hungry, maybe I’ll have a cup of coffee, maybe some grapes, while I do the crossword puzzle. Come 6:30pm, it will be time to make dinner – I’m dreading it already. 

You’ve heard the expression ‘crying in their beer’? Well, if you want me, you’ll find me crying in my coffee – quite literally.

15 thoughts on “Thursday is grocery shopping day

  1. I’ve never minded cooking until I lived with Wade. He was the busiest eater I’ve ever known. It was impossible to cook because one time he would like something the next he wouldn’t any more. His list of choices was very short and I got bored with eating

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    1. G would eat the same thing every day – oh wait – he does! Actually he will eat just about anything I put in front of him, including broccoli but I don’t care – I hate to cook, I hate even thinking about food. The whole thing just fuckin’ annoys me, pisses me off, aggravates me, depresses me, makes me cry – Why do I have to even think about this?

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      1. you are so funny, Grace — I really enjoyed reading this, tho I’m sorry you’re stuck with drudgery I hate. In my case, I would much rather shop & cook than clean crevaces with toothbrush — I love clean, but haaaatttttteeee cleaning. A little is ok – sweep floors, put way dishes from dishwasher — but dust, vaccuum & ughghghgh bathroom?! oh, well, I try to see it as lesson in humility & evidence of how truly spoiled I am LOL

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        1. No one could ever accuse me of being spoiled! Bathrooms are the worst right? We have two and they are the smallest bathrooms ever – I have to stand in the hallway to mop them!

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          1. mine too, Grace, only I only have one – mopping? what’s that? I use washable floor mats mostle (tmi? lol?) I hate cleaning so much that I prefer smaller homes. dusting is supremely non-rewarding as just builds right back up, so I don’t keep many things on shelves… harhar – now you’ve got me started… 🙂

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            1. I live in an apartment, about 1,116 square feet, so they tell me. I am a minimalist so I don’t have a bunch of tchotkes on shelves that have to be dusted, just flat surfaces that a Swiffer duster thingy handles well. I hate baseboard moldings – talk about dust collectors, and people who rave about “crown molding” – who cleans their house? Now don’t get me started! LOL

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  2. I don’t like shopping, cooking or eating either. I eat for sustenance mostly and I can eat the same stuff for breakfast and lunch every single day…but I would prefer variety in my dinner. Joe does the shopping and he loves to cook, so that works out nicely. I like to clean, so I do that during the week so we have the weekends free. But he will help too…so I don’t complain much about chores here. It’s sort of a team thing and we aren’t fussy, so it works out.

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    1. You and Sharla – husband’s who cook! You are so lucky! G doesn’t even know how to turn on the stove. He helps only when I ask, his philosophy is ‘Don’t look’.


  3. I hate cooking and grocery shopping but I do like to eat. Thankfully J loves to cook and he doesn’t mind grocery shopping although I will do it if I have to. I’ve been doing it more often lately since we go through fruit and veggies so fast. I don’t enjoy it though! I’m sorry you have to deal with a task you hate so much.

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    1. I have to go to the store twice a week to keep myself in grapes – I have always hated grocery shopping, even as a kid. As long as I can score some chocolate and a decent donut now and then, food/eating is just a chore.


  4. I don’t like shopping, don’t much like cooking, but unfortunately I love eating. I’d be a lot thinner and undoubtedly healthier if I had your attitude about eating. LOL

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    1. I am so over the eating thing…I’m 72 – that’s a lot of years to be eating – enough is enough. Add to that shopping, cooking, cleaning up the mess – Nah.


  5. 1116 square feet? I have around 400 square feet and more than a few dust catchers on various surfaces.
    I used to love the whole planning, shopping, cooking routine, even the clean up after, when i was younger and had the four kids at home. I even enjoyed the house cleaning.
    Now I’m not so interested in food and do the shop/cook only because I have to eat, as for cleaning, well maybe I’ll sweep the floor this week….

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    1. I have a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment (condo – we own the apartment) – ideally I would like another 100 square feet or so – devoted to the bathrooms, tho I could easily live with a bath and a half. The half bath is essential when you live with an old man LOL I think as we get older food becomes less of a thing for us…


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