It’s a quiet and lovely Saturday morning

It is on its way to hot and humid but the morning has been pleasant and windows-open worthy.

It is quiet – the birds are yapping in the distance. Not much comings and goings – the occasional slam of a car door; the mail truck zooming up and the sound of it doors sliding loudly open and close. But mostly just the sounds of a lovely urban-suburban Saturday morning. And those birds –

Miss Frankie is chillin’ in the window – the sun won’t hit in full force until late in the afternoon. By that time the windows will probably be closed and the a/c on – but for now we are all just kicking back and enjoying


6 thoughts on “It’s a quiet and lovely Saturday morning

    1. Heat didn’t come in until late afternoon, the usual time around here but the humidity stayed low still it was oppressive – worse to come on Sunday.


    1. Frankie love that perch in particular because she has a great view of the balcony next door and the trees close in – not to mention her keeping track of all the coming and going in the parking lot.


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