I’m enjoying

a sarcastic, on my part, email exchange with the customer service department of a ‘store’ from which I recently purchased some items. They, on the other hand, keep telling me how much they would LOVE to help me with my problem. Ha!

I seem to have made a rookie mistake when I bought these items, because after extensive research on these items, both in general, and specific to the ‘store’ I bought them from, I didn’t read ALL the reviews. 

I’ve been shopping on line for a good 20 years now, you would think I would know enough to read the one and two star reviews, not just the 5,4,3 star reviews. 

I was expecting them to ask me to take down my one-star review but when I checked their web site I noticed that my review hadn’t even posted. OHO! Sneaky little boogers. 

Since my last exchange with them was Friday afternoon, I can’t expect a reply, if any, to my latest email response to their latest email response until Monday. I’m so waiting to see if they get my ‘message’ – which ran along the lines of “Do not send me replacement crap for the crap I already bought.” 

I mean, seriously, if their product is absolutely sub-standard why do they think I would want it replaced by even more of their sub-standard junk? 

And no the product is not mechanical/electrical – it’s soft goods. And my complaint with their crap is the same as that of several hundred other people. OHO! 

Caveat Emptor – and also remember, when reading reviews, start at the bottom not the top.

Don’t be like Grace.

12 thoughts on “I’m enjoying

  1. Most of my online purchases have been good experiences. I’ve learned to read the reviews and compare the percentage of bad to good. If it’s a company that I never dealt with I look for rebows on them before ordering too

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    1. And all of that didn’t work – I should have read the BAD reviews. This company & product get “Best Choice” on most of the best independent review sites, so now I’m thinking those independent review sites are maybe not so independent at all! But then again, their product gets hundreds more good reviews than bad BUT the bad reviews address all of the same complaints I have – so, I’m not just being crazy and picky.


    1. Oh I bet if they do reply I will get yet another hippy-dippy “We would LOVE to help” . All their emails/responses tell me how much they would LOVE to resolve my complaints. You know because they are people who just LOVE to have happy customers. Such a bunch of bullshit. If they refund my money I will even send back their product but it will cost me money to send their product back, and as crappy as the product is I can still use it until it falls apart. Eh…

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        1. Goodness no! I am not stressed, I am pissed off LOL I’m waiting for another reply from the company out of curiosity – will they respond to my latest sarcasm with more LOVE, or will they have gotten the message, and not reply at all – which would be wise on their part.

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  2. I’m so skeptical that I always read the bad reviews to see what people are complaining about. It’s turned me off of several purchases. If your bad review wasn’t posted, wonder how many other bad reviews aren’t on the site either? Maybe there are more bad than good and they are just leaving some but not all since that’d look fishy. I guess I never considered that companies control what reviews show up but now I’m even more skeptical! Anyway, I do hope you get a favorable resolution!

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    1. The only favorable resolution is if this company went out of business! There is nothing they can do at this point. To be fair, even if they refunded my money, THAT wouldn’t be fair because I will continue to use these products despite their being sub-standard. They do what they are supposed to do they just don’t do it very well, and considering what the product is – it isn’t the end of the world. I’ve bought crappy versions of this product before, but I knew what I was buying, I bought by price and got what I paid for. When you pay beaucoup bucks for a supposedly superior product, and it isn’t – well, that is just offensive LOL

      Remember when I was talking about buying a mattress on-line? And I researched and researched Saatva? Well guess what – my research convinced me that Saatva wasn’t a good buy. So I didn’t. Too many negative reviews, all citing the same complaint. That many people can’t be wrong!


    1. There is nothing they can do – I made a poor decision, that’s on me. That they make a crap product, that’s on them. What really gets me going is all the emails yapping about how much they would LOVE to help me. Seriously, these folks throw the word ‘love’ around with gleeful abandon!


  3. Ugh. How frustrating! I try to read a mix of rated reviews to see if there is a recurring gripe, then dig more into the negative responses if that is needed. Hard to navigate and decide based on reviews because people are either really pleased or really unhappy to go through the review process.

    I hope you get the results you want. And deserve as a customer.

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    1. I would like my self-respect back! Such a rookie mistake. I read reviews on independent review sites – like Wirecutter etc. I actually didn’t read the reviews on the site because I don’t trust reviews on the actual product site LOL Just like I don’t trust reviews on Amazon – I always Google reviews for the specific product and I check with Consumer Reports as well. This company got great reviews everywhere except it’s own site! What a joke – on me!


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