When the giving and receiving

of small courtesies and small but thoughtful actions makes you feel so good, both as the giver and receiver, brings such huge smiles, and just makes for the happiest of days – 

Why then isn’t everyone doing it? Don’t we all want to feel good? Don’t we all want to be happy? Don’t we all want to give and receive smiles? 

If this makes us happy, and we all did it, everyday, why then I think we could achieve world peace.

Am I being naive? Am I being all whoop-de-do Pollyanna?

You know what, I don’t care. I’ve had a morning of giving, and receiving, small courtesies and small thoughtful deeds, and goddammit, but I feel happy. 

Whatever negatives are going on in my life right now, pish-tosh to them. I’m gonna ride this feel good as long as I can. 

14 thoughts on “When the giving and receiving

  1. I’m completely agreeing with you. Each morning I ask the universe to show me what I can do to help others. It’s as much about me creating meaning and value in my life as it is there’s. I got an opportunity while I was out today to give directions to two walkers, and it was a brief but lovely connection.

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    1. and that’s what I’m talking about! This morning on our way into a grocery store, there was a man with a sign “I’m homeless” He asked if we could spare a dollar, I gave him a dollar and then asked if there was anything I could get him from the grocery. He said “Berries”. Not more money, not drugs, not alcohol, not cigarettes, berries! So I bought some strawberries, a big bottle of fruit-infused water (it’s really hot and ugly here right now) a few other items that would keep and not need to be refrigerated and when I took the grocery bag out to him, he already had another bag with foodstuffs some other person got for him. Not a lot of foodstuffs mind you, but enough so he’ll have what to eat and drink for the next few days. It didn’t cost me a lot of money, and it didn’t cost me a lot of effort but boy oh boy did it put a smile on that man’s face and on my face. What’s the price of a smile?

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      1. That’s fantastic. How wonderful. And your right, it doesn’t cost much at all.

        When I have the mindset that something is ‘mine’ I become self focused and selfish, my world shrinks.
        When I have the mindset that something is ”ours’ then sharing is easy and I find I always have more than I need.

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  2. The best part about giving and receiving is that it doesn’t even have to cost anything. Walking by a stranger, smiling and saying good morning can make everyone feel good. Giving someone a genuine compliment can brighten smokes day as well.

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  3. I just had this conversation with Colin. I have to be kind and look for the positives because otherwise I am just making myself miserable. Find the good. BE the good. Even if it feels like you are alone in doing so.

    BTW…Colin thought I was nuts. And naive. Whatever.

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  4. You have such a loving heart, Grace. It makes my heart happy that I know you! I’ve had so much going on that I haven’t been making the connections with others but I’m going to change that. Thank you for the reminder to give and feel that good feel too!

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