Miscellaneous Mishegoss

1. One of the themes running through my life has been wings – and winged things. And while I have no extensive knowledge of birds, I’ve always been drawn to crows. I have a folder with crow tattoos because if I ever get a tattoo it will be of a crow. Anyway…3 times in the last 2 days I have read blog posts devoted to crows, and they really weren’t all that complimentary. I don’t mind so much that these folks do not share my love of crows but the incidence of 3 random people, who are on my regular blog reading list, who are not naturalists or ornithologists, writing about crows in such a short span of time – well, that must mean something. Or nothing – I don’t know, it just struck me as interesting. Or odd.

2. Remember when I was talking about an on-line purchase I made and the product was just dreadful and I was exchanging emails with their customer service department? Well they never answered my last email, and honestly, not answering was the only proper answer BUT the first negative review I posted on their web site was never published. So I posted another review, which was not exactly glowing, and guess what, that one hasn’t been posted either. So there you go as far as reading product reviews – probably can’t believe the good ones and the bad ones are only selectively published – you know, to keep up some semblance of honesty. Ha!

3. A discussion this morning with my husband left me in tears of frustration. If I want to be kind, I could say my husband is very laid back. If I want to be honest, I could say he just doesn’t give a shit about anything. The discussion ended with this exchange:

Me: You know your life hasn’t been all that bad that you should have run out of ‘give-a-shits’.
Husband: You’re right, my life hasn’t been bad at all, I’ve just drifted through it, and I really don’t care.

So I guess I shall take that as carte blanche to do whatever the hell I want – and I will. 

4. The New York Times Crossword Puzzles. I’ve been doing them since I was 12. Obviously at age 12 I wasn’t getting very far with them. Nowadays the puzzles, starting with Monday, progress from super easy, ‘do it in my head’, ‘to ball it up in frustration and toss it in the trash’. I’ve always found the Thursday and Saturday puzzles to be the most challenging – doesn’t make sense with the supposedly Monday to Sunday, easy to hard, paradigm. But there you go. Anyway, this week I have sailed through the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday crossword. I found them insultingly easy. What’s up with that New York Times? I’m just not all that smart, so it must be you not me.

5. Y’all know how much I hate to cook. I will take any short cut I can find EXCEPT when it comes to whipped cream and anything to do with avocados. The only time I eat whipped cream is when I have lovely sweet juicy berries. One does not desecrate beautiful berries by topping them off with canned whipped cream. Plus – fresh whipped cream is so damn easy to whip up (see what I did there?) that anyone using canned whipped cream on fresh berries is a Philistine! I will take your berries away; you are undeserving.

And avocados – I mean how many ways are there to prepare avocados – mostly you just mash them up, add some olive oil, garlic and any other little oddments that please you – How hard is that? People actually BUY guacamole – can you believe that? Me either. Talk about lazy.

I guess this is rather a long post – at least I’ve given you a respite from the philosophical musings I’ve been dishing up the last few days. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss

  1. The whole situation with that online company is crazy! It’s deceptive, it’s dishonest, it’s plain crappy they didn’t try harder to solve your issue. Guess we have to take all reviews with a grain of salt!

    I’ve never known anyone as laid back as G. Does anything get him riled or passionate or any kind of reaction? I imagine life being that laid back is not very stressful which would be a good thing I guess!

    Ooo, homemade whipped cream and berries are the best! Yum! If you’re going to have whipped cream it needs to be the real stuff! J makes an awesome guacamole! I don’t like the texture of avocados so can’t eat them any other way except in a guacamole. If we don’t have any made, I make my own version with mashing half an avocado with salsa. It’s my white girl version that does the trick when I’m in a pinch! Lol!

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    1. G drives me crazy with his ‘I don’t give a shit, I have no opinion’ outlook – I start to doubt my wants/needs/decisions because the feedback I get from him is negative, or maybe not exactly negative but a huge shoulder shrug. It is debilitating.

      Ah, foods and texture – we just had that discussion – neither G nor I will eat lima beans – the texture is just weird. Same with oatmeal for me – I can’t eat it! It just feels so yucky in my mouth, makes me gag!


  2. Wade loved crows. He used to feed them at work and would come home and tell me about how they would almost come right up to him when he would go outside for lunch.
    That’s pretty annoying that they wouldn’t publish your review.
    I actually prefer my fresh berries with nothing on them and as for avocados, you can keep those things. I find them rather gross

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    1. Crows recognize people, so they knew Wade and could pick him out from a crowd! As for berries, I like their taste or should I say flavor. Put berries in a pie, muffin, cobbler – just about any baked goods and I’m all over that but eating fresh berries – meh. Except for strawberries – juicy sweet ones are fine, without or without whipped cream, ’cause actually whipped cream is not on my top 50 list of foods I like. Of course if you cover them in chocolate, well, I’ll eat just about anything covered in chocolate! People’s reactions to the texture of foods is so interesting, there must be some atavistic reason why certain foods are rejected by humans due to their texture.


    1. Crows have a very negative mythology, perhaps because they are black – superstition is a wonderful thing! I’ve always been drawn to them perhaps because they are so intelligent, have a sense of humor, seem to have distinct personalities – so what’s not to love about that trifecta? As for whipped cream, my husband could eat it by the bowlful, I like a little dab on fresh berries and that’s it for me – being lactose intolerant I don’t have a great fondness for most dairy products simply because I never ate/drank them as a child, so never developed a taste for them – and besides, nausea and vomiting doesn’t exactly foster a fondness for something that cause it LOL


  3. I HATE canned whipped cream. I tried it once at a “bring a plate” lunch and never again. I always whip my own, it’s so much nicer. I love crows too, there’s a couple of crow pairs living near me and they caw at me as I go past most days.

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    1. I mean I hate to cook but whipped cream? Easy-peasy. Plus you can add flavors to it – the other I added a touch of bourbon vanilla and some cinnamon! I remember you writing about those crows, they do remember people…


  4. Crows are very smart birds. At the Grand Canyon I watched as a murder of crows repeatedly swarmed camp sites and disposed of accessible contents. It was frightening and amazing all at once. There’s much to admire about Crows. You’re in good company. I’ll be posting this one in my Twitter.

    Oh, I hope things work out with your husband. Life is an unpredictable maze of banality at times and we do our best to circumvent the harshest parts.

    Best wishes. And thank you.

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    1. I think crows are so amazing – they are so damn smart! And I love their caws and how they look when they are flying – just love everything about them! (Thanks – no one has ever Tweeted or Twittered me before – that I know of…)

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  5. I feel the same about crows as I do about cats…don’t like them, but i do respect them.

    I found the same increasing thing on the crossword puzzle as well, except I did the NY Post…the Times frustrated me Monday thru Friday.

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    1. Ah, well there you go – I love cats! The NYT readily admits that the puzzles increase in difficulty as you move through the week, the Monday puzzle is stupidly easy, but I can’t decide whether it’s me or them on the Thursday and Saturday puzzles, and sometimes the Sunday puzzle is so easy that I get bored just filling in the blanks!


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