I know photos belong

on the photo blog but no one sees them there – so poopsie -do they will go here. My advice is – if you right click on a photo and choose “open in a new tab” you get to see them bigger and better (or biggified).

This morning, round about 7:15-ish, I looked up from my coffee and newspaper and saw this…
My beautiful girl..

Let’s back that up a bit and

16 thoughts on “I know photos belong

    1. That’s the first time I remember her sitting up there, G says she sits up there all the time – How did I miss that? Or maybe I didn’t and I just don’t remember – which is, of course, a real possibility.


    1. I took the second photo with the regular lens and then Frankie was nice enough to stay put and I put on the telephoto (?) lens – that would be the first photo.


  1. She’s not liking that camera at all! I biggifed to look at her beauty and noticed her pupils are different sizes. Must be because of the light but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that happen before or I haven’t noticed.

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    1. Clever of you to notice – Ah yes, the pupil in her right eye – after her dental surgery she wound up with an eye infection because in the gums right below her right eye there was a nasty infection and even the antibiotics they gave her right after surgery didn’t prevent it. I can’t imagine how much pain and discomfort she was in with such bad teeth. We spent 6 weeks going to the vet every week, antibiotics and 2 kinds of eye drops – her whole right eye was covered with a white cloud (pus?). The doc said her pupil may never work correctly from now on. And you know Missy hates the camera! BB had dental surgery at the same as Frankie and he had no complications at all.


    1. Yup, my husband’s gigantic recliner (it is actually called ‘The Beast’) I never saw her up there before (that I can recall) but my husband says she is usually up there in the mornings waiting for him to take his morning nap where upon she descends onto his chest and naps with him. Who knew?


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