Along with the missing homemaker gene

I am missing the shopping gene. I’ve never liked shopping, ever, in my life, ever. So with the advent of on-line shopping I was in heaven and I’ve been at it for nigh on 20 years now. I’ve only gotten burned a couple of times, like the recent fiasco with the super expensive luxury sheets I thought I would treat myself to – – avoid them at all costs, because it WILL cost you and they are crap. And yes, they finally published my negative review after I submitted another negative review stating that they wouldn’t publish my first one! Shame works I guess.

Anyway, I’m gonna share my successes, and No, this isn’t a sponsored post, and No, I do not profit in any way if you decide you need any of these things. As a matter of fact I won’t even post links, just names, most of the stuff I bought via Amazon and you can find them there, or, who knows, you may find it elsewhere for less because Amazon is not the only game in town!

Keeping with the bed theme – I was exploring buying a new mattress on-line and after much research decided that wasn’t going to be a good fit for me. (I’m going with believing the negative reviews for Saatva.) But I did buy a mattress pad which helped a lot – “Linenspa Plush Microfiber Mattress Pad with Deep Pocket Stretch Skirt, King” for $34.99. Oh this is wonderful. It doesn’t bunch up, the ‘stretch skirt’ stays nicely tucked around and under the mattress, I can even yank the fitted sheet off the mattress and the pad stays firmly in place. So – $1300 for a mattress I can’t try first versus $34.99 for a mattress pad that performs as it should. Easy choice here. Oh yes, and it won’t make you all hot and sweaty the way some do.

Then there are the pillows. Years ago I fell for the ‘My Pillow” hype. Pricey little buggers, and they seemed really good but over time I came to hate them. I just replaced them with “Mellanni Plush Gel-Fiber Filled Pillows – BEST QUALITY 100% Cotton Cases, 3D Hollow Siliconized Material Retains Shape for Cooling Comfort, NO FLATTENING! (2-Pack King Size)” for $34.97 – yup, that price for 2 king-size pillows and they are grand! My husband periodically suffers from major night sweats, particularly his head, I was looking for a pillow that sleeps cool and these seem to do the trick. Along with the ‘sleeps cool’ mattress pad and my husband is sleeping more comfortably for the sum total of $70. (And if he sleeps more comfortably, then I have a fighting chance to sleep better too!)

Also on the pillow front – again, my husband. He has COPD, a slight case of sleep apnea and he snores like a 747. Over the years I have come thisclose to just suffocating him in the night because I couldn’t take it anymore. Then last year I developed a mild case of acid reflux due to medication I was taking – desperate for a solution, research uncovered the fact that wedge pillows can be useful in alleviating these problems to a great degree, and that research is spot on! I bought two 8-inch wedge pillows for $70 each, and my husband uses his with his regular pillow and it is PERFECT. It elevates the whole upper body – head and shoulders.  I guess an adjustable bed would have the same effect but even with the high price of wedge pillows they are still cheaper than an adjustable bed!

Six days out of seven there is little to no snoring! YES! For me there is a problem with the height of the wedge, six inches would have probably been better for me. Also I am a side sleeper and I found myself sliding down the pillow and waking with a crick in my neck. If I add a regular pillow, it’s just much too high. BUT – the wedge is great if I want to read in bed. And it does help with the acid reflux which I don’t have any more because I stopped that particular medication. I won’t recommend a brand of wedge pillow – you’re gonna have to research that one yourself, they are not cheap and ladies, I do recommend you go for a lower wedge height than 8-inches. I think most men will do well with the 8-inch wedge especially if they use a regular pillow on top of it.

My last recommendation – just as an aside and an afterthought – paying through the nose for those brand name printer ink cartridges? Try these folks, Inkojet. I’ve been buying from them for about 2 years now, never had a problem or a complaint. You owe it to your pocketbook to try them.

10 thoughts on “Along with the missing homemaker gene

  1. Shopping these days has become a real nightmare as brick and mortar stores have reduced their inventory and fill their space with clearance and sales racks. Ugh. You have virtually no selection that you can touch and examine for quality, such as in the case of sheets. So…online you go…with a hope and a prayer that the reviews help in the decision. It’s a crapshoot.

    I think you and I should start a business where we just answer questions for people. I think we’d make a fortune.

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    1. I haven’t lived anywhere that had brick and mortar shopping in a long while – and now without a car – on-line is all I have! I don’t know what I am going to do if I ever need shoes! I can’t buy them on-line anymore – can’t trust the sizing.

      As for answering questions – don’t get me started! For years now I’ve been getting people info they needed and didn’t even get a ‘Thank you’ and in some cases I put a lot of effort into getting them info that was just as accessible to them as to me – you’re sitting in front of a computer with internet access for pete’s sake – Look it up! But then – I LOVE research, always have – it’s like a mystery that I must solve. Even years ago – a friend got interested in a particular (dead) statesman. He said “I wish I could read the speeches he made in Congress” I said “Um, they would be in the Congressional Record which you can access through the library, they’re either on microfiche or in bound copies” My friend was flabbergasted when I took him to the library and showed him all goodies there. If he were alive today, my friend, I mean, he would be beside himself with joy at the wonders of the internet!


  2. I added the pillows and mattress cover to my wish list and will most likely order them. Thanks for the info! I get overwhelmed when trying to shop online. When a search pulls up over 500 results, I sort by avg customer review but that doesn’t help with new items added with no reviews yet (for instance at Nordstrom) so then I go down a rabbit hole and end up closing the window because my eyes are swimming in my head! I’ve been taking supplements and for those I seem to only find one of each so there’s no comparison of price, etc. I need a catalog to look through and then order!

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    1. Oh yeah, on-line shopping and comparisons and price checking – Sometimes I use pen and paper to make notes! Supplements and vitamins can really make a person crazy because all brands are not equal so I have to look up the brands first, then search for prices – Oy! And not all brands do all supplements/vitamins equally, oh lordy let me stop now before I start blathering on about all the different specs to check.

      The mattress pad is just that – a pad not a mattress topper. I was having the experience of being able to feel the buttons in the mattress so I turned the mattress head to foot, re-distributing the ‘dips’ in the mattress and then the mattress pad nicely filled them in and covered those buttons. The best thing about that pad is – it is snug to the mattress and the ‘skirt’ doesn’t pull up and away –


  3. Wade convinced me years ago that online shopping is wonderful. I especially liked it at Christmas. I like the sounds of the mattress pad and pillow. My mattress retains hear so bad, it’s awful. I have the my pillow pillows. Wade bouhhtnthem a couple years ago. They’re ok but not as great as they advertise them

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    1. My pillow is definitely over-hyped and the different sizes thing? Didn’t work for me and yet I kept them for years – they do wash well. But these pillows are really nice – you really do have to follow the instructions for getting them plump, and the first time you put your head on them they will feel a little weird but then you get comfy and fall asleep quickly and it’s all ok! I do love these pillows!


  4. I have always joked I was more like a man than a woman when it comes to store shopping. Go, get what I came in for, get the hell out. LOL But I love online shopping too. PLEASE tell me that you are using If not, you are throwing money away. If you aren’t, please use my link so I can get a little credit from them. (LOL)

    Seriously, I have ‘earned’ over $500 from them. How? When you are wanting to buy something online, go to their website. Click in the name of the company you want to buy from. If they are an affiliate, they provide a link back to that website, but now you will get back from ebates, anywhere from 2-20%! They save up all you earn, then either send you a check for that amount quarterly, or will apply it to your paypal account, if you rather. Quite amazing!

    Sorry, I’ve never done a link like that, but online shoppers really owe it to themselves to use ebates! 🙂

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    1. Yes I signed up for ebates a long time ago but don’t use it very often because I don’t shop at most of the stores they cover. I believe there is a way to use it with Amazon but I haven’t looked into that yet. I had the ebates thingy in my browser and it was just annoying because every time I clicked on a store site the ebates pop-up would block my screen and slow everything down – it was more annoying than useful.


  5. Good to know about the sleep cool pillows, my head sweats a lot while sleeping so something like those would be good for me. I’ll have to find similar here in Australia because I’m not paying delivery costs from over there and the exchange rate is atrocious too.

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    1. Yikes – No, I can’t imagine shipping from a US company to Australia. Use the term ‘sleep cool’ when researching and you should come up with some decent options.


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