Dusting off some of the cobwebs

around here. And as I was typing that headline it occurred to me that ‘cobweb’ is an odd word for a spider web, so of course I had to stop and look that up. If you are wondering, now that I mentioned it,  explanation is HERE.

Now, what was I saying…

I know I always say I hate to cook, and I do, but sometimes I do enjoy the meals I throw together, like last night. Trader Joe’s chicken sausage with sun-dried tomatoes and basil and…the most tasty mish-mash of vegetables. Last week I was sautéing onions to go with my roasted eggplant and I had a boatload of caramelized onion, more than I wanted to use, a Google search turned up the idea that you can freeze them! Sweet!

Last night I steamed some zucchini, while that was working I sautéed some mushrooms, added the (steamed) zucchini to them, popped in my frozen caramelized onions, added a healthy chunk of garlic, a little salt & pepper and let that whole thing sit on a very low flame, flavors mixing and blending, while the sausages cooked. Whee-oo – was that ever good.

Tonight, a  salad with shrimp. But you know there is no such thing as just plain food in my world. I marinate everything. Shrimp are now luxuriating in a bath of olive oil, white wine and 21-Seasoning Salute. Later on, I will drain those puppies and throw them in a hot frying pan, and when done, top our salads with them. It will be delicious. Trust me!

Just as an aside – the shrimp is frozen, from Argentina, $9.99 a pound from Trader Joe’s. The shrimpies look and taste like – shrimpies. I love shrimpies and living in Virginia, you just don’t get fresh shrimpies. Also, if you were wondering, 21-Seasoning Salute is also from Trader Joe’s. If you don’t live near one, you need to move.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have a meeting with the kitchen renovation guy. Stay tuned for further details.

12 thoughts on “Dusting off some of the cobwebs

  1. Whatcha doing to your kitchen? Ours has been on hold….and now…the guy calls and wants to start asap. ????!!!! Now my heart is racing and I am waking up with anxiety. LOTS to do…

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    1. Gutting it and doing the whole thing over. Well that’s the plan in my head, reality might be something different. The only thing I will have to do is point (and yeah, pack everything up so the contractor can slash and burn.)


  2. Your meals always sound so yummy! J does a sauteed veggie and sausage concoction that is pretty tasty too. I love shrimp but for some reason rarely have it. I guess because J often overcooks them and they turn to rubberized shrimp. LOL! Seafood is not his forte but it’s something he never really had until he met me. Mexican food rarely has seafood!

    Kitchen renovation? That’ll be fun! Loud, messy, dusty, long, stressful but a lot of fun too! Do you have to go pick out the colors, cabinets, countertop, drawer pulls, flooring or do you have that all together already? A friend of mine is doing a kitchen reno and she had it all picked out for the contractor but when the cabinets arrived last week she hated the color. After a major meltdown and an add’l $600, they’ll be repainted but oh boy was it a horrible few hours!

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    1. The trick with shrimp is to cook them quick or yes, rubber. The TJ’s chicken sausage are so good, I may never eat pork sausage again! Garlic and olive oil make everything yummy LOL

      I don’t know how it works with the company I have chosen – I want to move the fridge to the other side of the room, they mentioned going to their showroom and working with their designer. I won’t know what’s what until I talk to the guy tomorrow. I’m sure I will hear “But no one does that” or Everyone is doing this..” G and I are not ‘everyone’, I’m sure I will get blowback on removing the dishwasher. I don’t use it, I don’t want it and in my very small kitchen I can use that space for something else. And if anyone mentions stainless steel or subway tiles I will totally loose my shit LOL Of course there is what I would love and what I can afford – 2 hugely different things!


        1. Why would anyone want to live in a public bathroom (subway tiles) or in a subway, for that matter? I’m from NYC, I spent a good portion of my life in subways, surrounded by, subway tiles.


    1. All the years I lived alone I don’t think I cooked anything more complicated than an egg sandwich eaten over the sink LOL Not to say I didn’t have the skills, I’ve been cooking since I was a young child, but there was no reason to. Trader Joe’s is a marvel and if they had ben around when I was single I probably would have eaten better.


  3. I’d love a kitchen renovation myself, but my kitchen is not my own (rented home) and far too small for any other configuration to work. oh well, at least I have a kitchen.

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    1. I’m not sure the reno will happen – what I would like and what is doable and affordable are such different things. I’ve rented for most of my life (only been an ‘owner’ since 2008) and besides paint there’s not much you can do, and considering the cost, you wouldn’t want to bother. But a nice kitchen is always a “want”, isn’t it?


  4. No Trader Joe’s. Guess I’ll just have to limp along with substandard comestibles since there is not move in my future. Well, until, you know. My lady keeps a tublet of “extra onion” in the frridge, too.

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    1. While I like onions they don’t like me all that much anymore, I don’t know what I ever did them to warrant such treatment. And given the amount of time it takes to caramelize onions finding out that you can freeze them – total score!


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