It’s cool and rainy and sticky

and that’s a good description of my mood of late. But that’s another story, or not, or just SOP – whatevs.

If it weren’t for the sticky part, it would be a good day to burrow under the covers and wait for sunshine – of every kind.

It is always amusing that the cats, more often than not, will adopt the same position –

Stressing a bit about the possibility of a complete kitchen renovation. I haven’t gotten the estimate yet but it is going to be a boatload of money and I am so paranoid about spending money,  and being old and poor and winding up living in a discarded refrigerator box on the street and also there is that little part of me that thinks I don’t deserve to have anything nice. And then there is the reality of living in an apartment while a kitchen is being renovated – and that is a big “there’s that”.

And then there is the weather…

12 thoughts on “It’s cool and rainy and sticky

    1. We have said that too – but the time comes when cursing and complaining every time you go in the kitchen, and the fact that it looks just horrible and dirty all the time, even when it isn’t – and the fact that, No, I’m not going to win the lottery and move – well, time to bite the bullet.


    1. Yes, for once in my life, can I have something nice? I’m not going for gold here, or even silver or bronze – base metal will do as long as it functions better and suits my needs.


  1. My human would love to renovate our kitchen… but it’s not high on the list of priorities for this house. I’m sure it will work out fine – you probably worry too much about finances, just like my own human does! (And trust me, she is not going to the poor house anytime soon.)

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    1. I was going to just re-do part of one of the bathrooms but when that cost was not all that cheap I figured I spend 20 minutes in the tub/shower and hours in the kitchen, doing the kitchen instead of the bathroom seemed a no-brainer. We won’t be going to the poor house anytime soon either but it is a worry for us old folks.


  2. Kitchen remodels are messy, loud and long but the results are worth it. The worst part is what it does to the cats with all that noise and all those strangers. After going through one remodel, I don’t plan on doing anymore. All three bathrooms are remodeled now too so I’m done. No mas!

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    1. I know – the poor cats! I suspect they will just be living in the master bedroom – their litter box is already back there in the masterbath, I’ll just have to move their food and Frankie’s living room perch will be re-located back there too. When you live in an apartment finding spaces to move things to is a bit of a headache. We will have to move everything in the ‘dining’ area elsewhere because that’s where the ‘staging’ area will be. And the noise!!! I’ve spent 6 years complaining about the noise from other people’s renos and now I will have my own – only louder because, you know, up close and personal. So NOT looking forward to that or a month of eating sandwiches because – no stove. Oy Oy Oy!


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