And Yet Again

It is July 25th, the temperature is 86º, the humidity is 65%, the dew point is 73º and the heat index is 93º. It is cloudy and overcast. As befits the external weather the air conditioning is on. And my husband and I sit and shiver even with our hoodies on. 

If we do not glance at the calendar we would declare it a dreary, damp and dank Autumn day. 

         the windows are closed tight
Disconnect-Perception-and-Reality-David-DeWolf         and the sky is grey and dreary
         and it is chilly inside
         and I am wearing a sweater
         my mind registers ‘Winter’
                  in July.
Perception Disconnection.

(© Grace St. Clair July 2015) 

6 thoughts on “And Yet Again

  1. Those kind of days do make you forget it’s still summer outside. It’s 95 and sunny here and of course Angel wants the windows open. I opened one for her and she took a nap in the window sill for about 30 minutes. I had to start playing with Bella to get Angel out of the window – she hates to miss anything. I know, I’m a bad mom and I feel guilty but I needed to close the window.

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    1. Um, No. I’d rather put on a sweater than deal with puddles on the tile floors, damp walls, damp table tops, just about damp and slippery everything!


    1. It’s weird but there have been times when the temps have been in the 70’s but the humidity has been in the 90’s and there were literally puddles on the floors so the a/c HAD to go on…sometimes I will plan a dinner that goes in the oven just so I can jack the a/c but the heat from the oven will help dry the place out. It is almost as bad as when we lived in The Bahamas – talk about humidity!


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