If you have an orange cat then you need a camera

because you cannot take a bad photo of an orange cat…




16 thoughts on “If you have an orange cat then you need a camera

    1. And the thing with orange cats is – they come in one size only – HUGE. He is gorgeous and sweet and dumber than a box of rocks LOL (A drive to Georgia would be one hell of an expensive Uber ride – we don’t have a car, and even if we did there is no way my husband would ever drive that far. I do realize you are joking tho.)


  1. Twice in my life I’ve had an orange cat, the first we had to leave behind because he refused to move with us, running and hiding in the yard instead and I would still see him in that yard years later. The second became ill and I couldn’t afford the treatment so had him put down. but they were both beautiful, easy-going cats.

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    1. I’ve got tons and tons of photos of him (and Miss Frankie) and aside from the blurry ones because he moved, their all great, I don’t now why that is ’cause I am not the world’s greatest photographer. Must be the color and the orange mellow attitude.


    1. Thankfully I have no allergies, tho wool makes me itch and break out in a rash, and of course I am lactose intolerant but how much cheese and ice cream does a person really need, not a lot I can tell ya, but not being able to have a cat (or a dog) – Yikes that would be too, too sad. Once dated a guy with asthma, he wanted me to get rid of my cat, instead I got rid of they guy. Turned out to be a wise, wise choice! (You don’t get to chose casts, or dogs, they chose you.)


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