All the things I do not do

Reading blogs this morning I once again am bemused at all the things I do not do. Ann grilled a pork chop in the rain Sunday. Ann’s recently deceased husband always did the grilling and he swore up and down that you cannot grill in the rain. Ann always thought otherwise and proved it. Okay – I don’t get ‘grilling’, nor do I understand why people like to eat outdoors, especially sitting directly on the ground with food spread out over a blanket or some such. Or people who eat at sidewalk cafes – don’t you just want to grab some food right off their plate as you walk by? I grant you Ann did not eat her pork chop outside, raining you know and all that, but ya know, my father would occasionally cook meat on a charcoal grill out in the yard, and I grant it can smell delicious and also taste delicious, completely different from something cooked inside on a stove but still – why? Especially since I was the one who had to clean that damn grill thingy. All the Brillo in the world was useless against burned to a crisp bar-b-q sauce.

It’s the whole ‘outside’ thing I don’t get, or do. Camping? Sleeping in a tent on the ground? Oh my sweet lord, NO. Oh, no, no, no. As the late great Joan Rivers said “My definition of roughing it is staying in a hotel that doesn’t have room service.” Oh right on, lady, to say the very least.

And my friend Lin, who just came back from a vacation, stayed in a cabin and hiked. What is this hiking stuff? Is it not just walking? I walk, I do not hike. Tho some of the walks I have taken could be called hikes if you define ‘hike’ as a very long walk.

I just looked up ‘hiking’ and found this definition “Hiking is the preferred term, in Canada and the United States, for a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails, in the countryside, while the word walking is used for shorter, particularly urban walks”  I would have thought hiking referred to walking on more vertical than horizontal surfaces. Now I have done some serious vertical walking, both literally and metaphorically, but is seems the location defines the terminology.

Ah, countryside. I don’t do countryside. Miss Lin likes nature – well who doesn’t. I can’t live without trees, something I took for granted until I lived for 4 years in Filthadelphia where there are no trees to speak of.  I spent most of my life in New York City which is chock-a-block with nature, everywhere you look – trees, birds, small animals (and yes, that does include rats, mice and cockroaches), rivers, lakes, waterfalls – all right there in the concrete jungle. I didn’t have to ‘go to the country’ to wallow in nature.

I have no doubt many, if not all, would argue that urban nature is hugely different from countryside nature, but I don’t see it. Besides urban nature is just so much more convenient – you don’t have to travel anywhere to experience it, it’s always right there wherever you are.

I live in an urban/suburban area now. And my view from my third floor windows is – trees! Nothing but trees as far as my eye can see. Unless of course I look down and then there is concrete and cars. This morning, early early I watched some nature from my window. A skinny little squirrel scampering all over the Japanese Dogwood scavenging for food. As skinny as he was the branches aren’t really thick enough to support him very well and I was laughing as he bounced from branch to branch trying to stay upright…so funny


Whoopsie – He’s wondering how the hell did he get upside down

But he did manage to find something to eat in that tree, look close at his front paws…

(If you wanna see the photos larger and in more detail you have to right click and “open in new tab.)

4 thoughts on “All the things I do not do

  1. “Roughing it”– you either like it or you don’t. I know you don’t, so I won’t try to sway you. For me, I need to be deep in the wood, absorbing the sounds of birds and chipmunks scurrying. I love to spot Giant Swallowtail butterflies mudding at the shore of a creek at the foot of a waterfall. There is no sound of humans…not even an airplane overhead. You just stand there, in awe of the light on the leaves above you, listening to the water splash over the waterfall you just hiked 2 miles to get to. Then lay me down on the solid ground, tucked into my sleeping bag, having the cicadas sing me a goodnight song. It’s not for everyone, certainly….but it is heaven for me. It is the escape of the city and PEOPLE and concrete. It is the embrace of this good green earth.

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