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Eliminating cable television and cable landline telephone service, keeping only high speed internet, will save me approximately $65.00 per month. We pay for a boatload of streaming services plus an annual PBS membership fee (which entitles us to stream anything PBS is showing any time).  We went from Hulu Plus to Hulu Live so that upped our fee from $11.99 to $39.99. We also have Britbox, Acorn, Netflix and Amazon Prime  Video (as part of my Amazon Prime membership which covers just about everything Amazon.) So that’s six different ways to access entertainment.

All of that and nothing to watch. The only reason we have Hulu Live is so my husband can watch the news. What can I say, he likes his half-hour of local news and his half-hour of world news.  Any network shows he watches were available on Hulu Plus and he will spend an hour or two in the afternoon watching them – me, never.  I have no interest in ‘America’s Got Talent’ (one of my husband’s favs) or ‘Chopped’ or any of the Netflix stand-up comedy shows that he favors.

In the evening we watch tv for approximately 2.5 hours.  The only reason I do is because my husband likes me to keep him company. Oy! We are retired, he works part-time from home, we are together pretty much 24/7 – why do I need to keep him company? And yet I do.

Currently we are watching – for the fourth time – the television series “Saving Grace”. Yes, it’s a cop show but so much more. So much more. It’s not the cop/crime part that is important, or even the focal point, but the people and the character of those people, and the big questions that are asked. Honestly, it is not always an easy show to watch, it can be intense but I think it is so worth your time. You can stream it on Hulu.

Another show I would love to be able to watch again is “Homicide: Life on the Streets”.  Again, cop show, police procedural but so much more. The plots mostly are there to serve the characters – the character of the characters.  It doesn’t matter who done it, what matters is how it affected the people, the characters. And again, big questions are asked, debated, experienced, played out, some answered, some left hanging because such is life.

Because these two shows concern themselves with timeless questions they are timeless in themselves and always relevant. While “Homicide..” is not available “Saving Grace” is –  give it a go if you want something a bit thought provoking, and hang on to your emotions because they will be taken for quite a ride!

8 thoughts on “That’s Entertainment

  1. I remember seeing the previews for Saving Grace but don’t think I ever watched. Probably came on later than I stay up. Right now my tv watching is very limited since I’m only watching things I can get for free but I found that I don’t really miss it all that much. I may feel differently once winter hits and I’m stuck inside all the time.

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    1. Yes, I was thinking the same thing – life is busy now but come Winter, when things are more settled, and the weather is terrible in the opposite way that the weather is terrible now, vegging out with some tv might be more of a ‘thing’/


  2. You have much that we do, except we have PS Vue instead of Hulu. But how can you say nothing to watch? Here would be my list from your entertainment channels:

    Doc Martin
    Foyle’s War
    the Durrell’s of Corfu
    Save the Midwife
    Line of Duty
    Killing Eve
    Grace & Frankie

    just to name a few… 🙂

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    1. Doc Martin – been watched, waiting for final season. Foyle’s War – finished watching that ages ago. Durrell’s of Corfu – didn’t care for it. Save the Midwife – watched, waiting for next season. Line of Duty – didn’t care for it. Killing Eve – didn’t care for it. Grace&Frankie – waiting for next season. OTOH – Hoo-boy have we watched some of the best tv ever via Acorn and Britbox – all British, all the time. We’ve had Netflix for 10+ years (?), Acorn for 5 years, Britbox is new, had that since it became available last year. We’ve had Hulu Plus since that version started, we didn’t bother with the first iteration with commercials. Amazon Prime – eh – not much on there we like aside from ‘The Amazing Mrs. Maizel’. We don’t watch movies, I don’t have the patience. ‘Midsomer Murders’ is the best, we’ve been through that series at least twice, and we are waiting with bated breath for the final season of ‘A Place to Call Home’ – an Australian show, coming to our tv set August 31st. So many great British shows that aren’t available anymore – we’ve lost track LOL Tho I think I saw ‘Bramwell’ on one of the services, and that’s a goodie. A lot of the shows that first appeared on PBS are available through Acorn. ‘Dr. Blake Mysteries” is a snore and a bore, liked the newer Miss Marple’s, didn’t care for Poirot. The list goes on and on, we’ve seen all the good stuff LOL and the newer good stuff just trickles in – we have to wait a year or more to get the newest season of most of the current British shows. We need to move! Oh, oh – I just remembered “Inspector George Gently” – such a good one. Again, super, super show.


    1. I don’t know how much American tv you get in Australia, Saving Grace was a complex, thoughtful show but I’d bet it was not a very popular one. Honestly, we do have problem with some Aussie accents but we are so looking forward to A Place To Call Home, final season! And my husband is still a huge fan of 800 Words, hopefully that’s coming back, I don’t remember what season we are up to…


  3. Silly thought, instead of the hulu live thingy, couldn’t you just use a digital antenna to grab local channels? We have one and it works great. We get 15 channels and we are about 15 miles from the closet transmitter towers.

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    1. There is actually an antenna on top of our building, G thought about finding out how to connect to it but since we already have Hulu Plus, and Hulu Live gives us even more options similar to a DVR, it works for us.


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