Miscellaneous Mishegoss #Whatever

terrifiedwilddreamer.256.9134It appears that the word of the day is feckless (lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible). Two completely unrelated articles in the ‘Outlook’ section of the Sunday Washington Post contained that word. Do you ever notice such, for lack of a better word, patterns?

terrifiedwilddreamer.256.9134I’ve been whinging and whining about clearing out items I don’t use ahead of the kitchen reno. Everyone had input as to how I could dispose of these things, most suggestions not viable – no, I cannot leave boxes of goods anywhere in my apartment complex. We do have, tucked away, out of sight, under a counter, a bookcase where folks can leave/take books and magazines. This is an authorized drop off spot and even that gets cleaned out periodically by the maintenance staff and the items get dumped. Therefore – all the glass items were bagged and put in the trash room in the glass recycling bin. The ceramic items, not qualifying as glass, were summarily thrown down the trash chute.

But here is a fun thing – we were taking a small, beat-up table down to the garage, where there is a dumpster for larger items, and a couple got on the service elevator, on their way to the garage and the wife said “Ooh, does that table open?” We said, indeed it does and showed her. She got that glint in her eye, her husband said “No!”. We said “If you want it, it’s yours, we’re on our way to dump it.” So you know what happened to that table, right? LOL What this building needs is a monthly or bi-monthly “yard’ sale event. Or jumble sale/exchange. Yes, yes I could suggest it but like everything else I’ve suggested it will get poo-pooed. This is a solid middle class condo in a solid middle class neighborhood, there is nothing high-end and exclusive about it, and yet – they act as if they are living in Buckingham Palace or something. I appreciate the security elements but geeze, if I posted an item on Craig’s List and a few people came by, management would be all over my ass in the blink of an eye.

terrifiedwilddreamer.256.9134One of the glass items I dumped was a heavy, clear glass cat tchotchke that had a little red fish in it’s ‘stomach’. Someone gave it to me as a gift because, you know, I have cats and therefore I’d just adore any and all ‘cat’ things – aka – cat crap, and not the litter box kind. One of the great things about moving as much as we have is that missing items can always be blamed on the movers. ‘Oh those little cat figurines you gave me? They broke when we moved.” Yeah, I’m a bad person.

I grant you that I have given folks ‘themed’ gifts. I hope I’ve not overdone it. But the only theme folks associate me with is cats. And in the old days – witches. No one seems to know me well enough to know I hate all that thoughtless crap. And it is thoughtless because if you know me then you know I don’t collect ‘stuff’, and I hate cat crap, and witch crap, and dragon crap – tho no one has picked up on that one yet. Or angel crap, again no one ever picked up on that.

Okay – revelation here. Sharla and Lin have birthdays coming up this month, I was planning on making them cards, no gifts this year because I just haven’t come across anything appropriate, I was going to make ‘themed’ cards – cats and turtles. Not gonna do it now. I’m going to try and be more thoughtful and creative. Wish me luck with this one!

terrifiedwilddreamer.256.9134Kitchen reno is at a standstill until I can find a countertop color I like. I had picked out a backsplash and it turns out that getting a complimentary countertop is not a happening thing. So now I have changed out the backsplash, which was easy to do because it comes in several colors, and I wait while the granite supplier buzzes around trying to find something I can live with.

And BTW – Ann, because of you I went over my backsplash budget.


11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss #Whatever

  1. Ah, we are packing and sorting all of our stuff too. Except it has expanded into the 2/3 of the house as we are knocking down a wall and continuing the wood floor into the kitchen. This means that I have to pack up the living room and all of the bedrooms too. I don’t sleep much–I am planning, organizing and detailing every move with this process. It’s such a mess. But it will be nice. Yes…I am getting rid of things–furniture, appliances and the knick-knacks will go to goodwill. Everything is free…otherwise I will have to pay to store this stuff…so people are gonna get nice things FREE.

    I can’t wait for demolition because it means that we are this much closer to completion. It will be Joe and I and the cats living in the family room for a month. This is gonna be fun! Ugh.

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    1. Not knowing how your house is configured I wonder why the bedrooms are unavailable for use. Knocking down walls has got to be a whole new level of hell, and dust and debris. We have to clear out the dining area of the living room because that is where the contractor will put the ‘staging’ area. We have some room in our storage unit so stuff in the small bedroom will be removed to there and G’s “office” will be moved to the small bedroom which is my office and…well you know how this all goes. If it is difficult in a house, imagine an apartment!


      1. They will have to sand and refinish all the floors to match….and they need it too. So, that is why this includes the bedrooms. I have 3 people coming over to pick up furniture today. This is madness.

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  2. I had a dream last night that I kept putting more and more stuff into one particular room in my house and it was to the point where you couldn’t walk around in the room. I woke with the thought that I need to purge my house of unnecessary things.
    I’m also guilty of sending/giving themed items.
    I’m puzzling over how I made you go over your backsplash budget. Maybe I’m carrying out my retail therapy through other people since I’ve got such a tight rein on my own budget….lol

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    1. The company that is doing the reno has pre-set levels of expense. Mine is in the lowest level so each item has a “budget”. The kitchen cabinets are at the most basic level with a tweak or two – pull out shelves, lazy susan corner cabinets, pull out trash bins but since I tweaked the design I am using fewer cabinets than the original design so I saved some money there. When I was picking out the backsplash, I was offered the run of the showroom with no regard for price so you know what happened there – what I chose was double my ‘allowance’. I fell in love with a glass tile backsplash that has various tiles that are crushed glass so they look like glitter. Now you know I’ve never been a glitter person but since knowing you I have become a real fan of glitter and so I blame YOU for making me go over the budget. There are areas where I can cut back the budget but I am NOT giving up my glitter-glass backsplash!


  3. I’m feeling kind of sad at all the things being thrown down the garbage chute or placed in recycling. Was there no way to get those things to a thrift shop?
    I hope your new kitchen is everything you want. I love granite.

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    1. We have no car so trying to haul heavy boxes of miscellaneous crap via public transportation is just not an option. Public/mass transportation is not a priority in the United States, even in the big cities it is less than optimal with New York City being one of the few cities that has such an extensive system, that runs 24/7, that owning a car is totally unnecessary. The kitchen won’t be what I want because I can’t afford what I want LOL but it will be a HUGE improvement over what I have. I hate granite! But 1. quartz is more expensive 2. quartz has a low heat tolerance so putting a hot pan on quartz could easily damage it. And I do put hot pans on the counter – I mean where the hell else could you put them. So granite is unfortunately the only way to go given my budget and the space I have to work with, which is small.


  4. It’s such a shame that your items had to go into the trash but I understand the situation. Glad the table will be used though! This reno is going to be a big pain in the patooty but it’s going to be so nice to have a new kitchen! Our kitchen remodel took about 2 months but a friend just had her’s remodeled along with a bathroom and both were finished in a month. I don’t know how that happened but I hope your’s goes fast too!

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    1. We are told it would take a month, or less, depending on how long it will take the fabricators to cut the countertops. We have been told there will be ‘down time’ when nothing is going on…So be it, I just want to either get it done or cancel it. Still waiting to hear from the granite people.


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