So something a bit more cheery today?

I was gonna talk about the handy-dandy household items that I love because they make my life easier but, hey do you need a list of stuff? You can find your own handy-dandy things, just remember Amazon is not the be all and end all of on-line shopping.

I will say that all things Mrs. Meyer’s are the cat’s pajamas and there are lots of places on-line to get them at very reasonable prices. I prefer the lemon-verbena scent myself, so does my husband and so do the cats but hey that’s us.

And then there are all things Oxo.  Do you ever wonder whether designers actually ever used the items they are designing? I’ve never bought an Oxo product that was badly designed, they seem to know how human beings actually function in the real world.  You can get Oxo products anywhere, and everywhere, and seriously if you need a potato peeler or a garlic crusher or a thingy to keep your sponges neat and tidy by your sink – look for Oxo products.

Which reminds me, I wonder if they make mops? I guess I will just hop over to their site and see, and if they do then I will have to noodle around the interwebs to find a place to buy one…

Oh yeah, I bought that talking pet app and I made my first one – it’s a little wonky but this is just the most fun…

10 thoughts on “So something a bit more cheery today?

    1. You have to turn up the volume pretty high…it’s an app called talking pets…rather fun. Kathy Frederick has been posting a bunch on FB, hers are funny and clever, mine, not all.


  1. I love this because I love BB! This might be one of my most favorite posts ever! He’s adorable!

    We use the Mrs. Meyer’s spray to make my office smell nice since the litter boxes are in the walk in closet in there. It works great!

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    1. The cleaning supplies are superb! Even my husband likes them, especially the dish soap and the mult-surface cleaner works great, as does the tub and tile cleaner, oh heck all the products are super and no harsh chemicals and yucky stuff. Plus you can pick the smell you like, win, win,win!


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