This morning the temperatures were in the mid 70’s and the humidity was in the  low-60% range, a brisk breeze and lots of sunshine inspired me to go out for a walk. Haven’t been able to do the outside walking thing since the middle of June!



If you remember my photos from the Spring you might recall that azaleas are ubiquitous in NoVA but that’s not the only bit of vegetation that is everywhere – crepe myrtles rival azaleas for “Oh my god, they are everywhere!”  I realize there are folks who are not fond of them, fortunately I am not one of those people. I like crepe myrtles, we have mostly pink ones but they come in white and a lilac color.


We also have roundabouts which are maintained nicely with crepe myrtles as the center piece



Last year some of the upscale townhouse communities planted great gooey gobs of red coleus, and then they dug them up when the season changed and planted something else. But still some survived, they are so pretty…



What are these things?

And then is one condo community that is anything but upscale. Lovely grounds that are not kept up at all, which is so sad. The property starts at the corner of a major traffic intersection and this morning it looked like this


Now those look like hydrangeas to me and I’ve never seen them before! I don’t know when it was planted but those are some big snowballs! Or maybe, they are some other kind of shrub. Flowers, trees – love ’em but I know jack-all about them.

8 thoughts on “Ahhh…

    1. Around here all the ‘communities’ have landscaping companies that mow the lawns and take care of whatever odd flower beds there are. The flower beds are planted and then replanted with seasonal plants – inexpensive ones, so that the ‘communities’ always look fresh and, well, seasonal. And yes, it is a damn shame that perfectly healthy plants are tossed.

      As for the snowball/hydrangea. We always called hydrangeas ‘snowballs’ but it appears that there is a type of hydrangea that is called a ‘snowball bush’ – “A snowball viburnum bush won’t tolerate a climate colder than U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 6. Snowball bushes growing in colder climates are probably hydrangeas.” (https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/shrubs/viburnum/telling-snowball-bushes-apart.htm)


  1. I need to get out to walk…but I am physically exhausted from the moving process each day. So, my mind is racing…but my body is exhausted. Ugh.

    That is a hydrangea.

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    1. I went out for a walk again today, the humidity was fairly low but the temp was like 85, with the sun, despite my hat I was sweating my ass off. And feeling a bit tuckered by the time I got back. We are just in waiting mode until we hear from Chas, our project manager so nothing more we can do till we get a start date. The only thing I am stressing about is where to buy the new appliances and how do I get them delivered WHEN I WANT them delivered. It’s not like we have space to store them!!!


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