Bits and pieces

I was flipping through a notebook, going for an empty page to scribble down a birthday poem and paused to read previous scribbles.

Here they are. Only a few were dated, none are complete…

On a day when the pain is too much
And the promise of sun and Spring is broken,
When the chill in the air is the chill in your brain
And you find yourself wearing the dress with the stain.

They mostly seem to be bits and pieces of poems. I write poems longhand, pen and paper. Here’s one that has an actual date..

A day like any other
Waken at an unseemly hour
For others, but not for me ~

Then there is an essay type thing which I think I turned into a blog post. And if it is the post I think it is, no one understood what I was talking about anyway, so ~

Aha- I found a poem from 5/4/15 that I actually did post – you can find it HERE.

And then there is the “work” page for Lin’s Christmas poem, y’all remember that one I know.

And then, oh my goodness – and unfinished scrap that was probably written around this time of the year, and given the previous dated pages, probably in 2015…

9 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. You should see my calligraphy notebook. ay yi yi….weird stuff. Yesterday, I had a half page of “The cat sucks” because he kept biting my hand as I dipped my pen.

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    1. “The cat sucks” in calligraphy! That’s a hoot. Those bits can definitely be worked into good pieces. I’m gonna start on that last one…I’ve already seen pumpkin spice posts on my FB feed (oh dear god, no!) (and the birthday poem was for youuu…)


    1. Oh Richard, thank you so much – you actually clicked the link and read that poem. Actually working on them should prove interesting – I’m in a different, better space now than I was when I wrote those bits so re-capture that mood? Or move it on? You challenge me now.

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    1. Ah, it’s not a matter of ‘finding’ it, I know exactly where it is – I just haven’t been writing much poetry lately. It’smy poetry/scribbling/journal notebook, right there on my desk.


  2. Those poems must be a good way to remember the feelings of certain times in your life even if the feelings weren’t so good. I journal but it seems I only do it during sad times which makes me sad again when I read them. I’m trying to journal about happier times too because it makes me smile to remember when I re-read them. I suck at poetry so I haven’t attempted that.

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    1. Writing has always been my way of understanding myself, putting things down on paper makes them more concrete. Poetry is just the way I think – I wrote poetry before I wrote prose.


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