I hate getting up

early in the morning. It makes for a very long day. Yesterday I spent most of the day abed because I felt awful, the side effects of the second Shingrix shot laid me out!  I cannot even remember the last time I felt bad enough to spend the day in bed. Lying down for so long hurts my back, of course sitting for too long hurts my back as does standing too long or walking too far. Too long and too far are relative – for me they are short periods of time and distance.

There are days of the week when I must be up early and those, of course, are the days when I haven’t had enough sleep. This morning is not one of those days, I had enough sleep but I didn’t have to be up early.


I have no chores to do today besides washing dishes and making dinner. Of course I could clean something major – like walls or windows, well windows aren’t major really, maybe I will do those later. Meh.

I’m waiting for my husband to change out the litter box before I take a shower and dress – that’s one of his weekly chores. I do the daily scooping, he does the once a week total clean out and replace. I think we may be one of the last cat owners who still use clay kitty litter rather than the clumping kid.

Some folks expressed a lack of confidence in the various vaccines now available to adults – like the shingles vaccine. We had the original vaccine some years ago, now there is the new one which is much more effective but it requires 2 shots within a 6 month period. And yes, the side effects of the new shots are quite uncomfortable but from what I read shingles is one nasty little disease (is disease the right word? Condition, maybe?)

I’m not big on medications or doctors or the medical industry in general but I do tend to take advantage of these vaccines. We have had the pneumococcal vaccine, essential for my husband who has COPD, and close to essential for me having had pneumonia many times in my life. And yes, we get the super senior flu shot every year. A lot of folks say that is a waste because they get the flu anyway, okay your choice but neither my husband nor I have gotten the flu in years – at least not since we have been getting flu shots. So – I’ll take them – all the vaccines they’ve got. Even, and most especially, since they don’t cost me anything – neither money nor much time since we get all our shots at the grocery store pharmacy. How convenient is that!

I am totally bored. With nothing really to do today. The weather is, per usual, sucky. It’s not warm but it is super humid and sticky and I’m going to have to close the windows and put the a/c on. While I feel a whole lot better than I did yesterday, my stomach is still upset, and I’m still a little achy but not enough to keep me from doing whatever it is that I want to do.

Thing is – there is nothing I want to do.


13 thoughts on “I hate getting up

  1. I’m glad you’re up and around today. We’ve been up since 5:15 because that’s when Lexi got up and we’ve already been on the first of three 40 minute walks. I’m so tired I can’t see straight. I have to go to a baby shower today for a friend’s daughter. She’s having a baby with one of J’s former co-workers. Such a small world! Anyway, I’d rather clean windows than go to a baby shower but maybe there’ll be cake. I haven’t had cake since April so that’ll be a treat!

    I get a flu shot every year since J works at the hospital and who knows what he’d bring home. He’s required to get it or he’d have to wear a mask in places where patients are. I’ve still been sick a couple of years despite it but I figure it’s not as bad as it could’ve been if I hadn’t gotten it.

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    1. Dogs are a lot of work and puppies even more! Which is why at our age dogs aren’t in the equation. Baby showers and bridal showers aren’t my thing either, at the very least because of the stupid games they play but enjoy the cake!


  2. I can’t take the shingles vaccine because I’m allergic to one of the components. I’ve always gotten the flu shot, but I’m thinking I’m going to pass this season. I won’t be working, mostly staying at home, and hubby works from home, so the chance of contagion is going to be pretty slim. Maybe next year, living in AZ and trying to make a new life there, I’ll go back to it. I do need the pneumonia vaccine.

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    1. I only started getting flu shots 6 years ago when we moved here and basically because it’s so easy – I mean we go to the grocery store anyway. My husband always got them because of his COPD. I’ll be honest I get these vaccines mainly because they are free and it’s easy to do, no appointments necessary, just go in and ask.


  3. My human had shingles a couple or so years ago – a mild case, and she is a very healthy middle-aged adult – and it was awful! Something an older person should avoid at all costs. She needs to get the vaccine, since it can recur.

    She would not bother with flu shots, except she has to as part of a therapy pet team, just like I have to with my rabies vax. (She’s due in October – me, not until 2020!).

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    1. I don’t know how old your human is but I think,I’m not sure, in most cases the new 2-shot vaccine is free if you are over 50. I never got flu shots until 6 years ago, before that I probably did get the flu every year but haven’t since I’ve been getting the shots. I don’t see any reason NOT to get it.


      1. The cost depends on your insurance. Some cover it at age 50, some older, and some there’s a copay. I’ve been thinking of getting this one since all my siblings have had mild shingles (genetic predisposition?) and it can be really nasty.

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  4. I’m glad you are feeling better. I used to hate morning but got used to it working in the bakery. Now early morning is my favorite time of day.
    I have never gotten a flu shot and except for one time several years ago I never get the flu

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    1. I like early morning, as a pleasant time just before you go to bed LOL As you get older preemptive care is important, flu shots, like the shingles shots, become a better safe than sorry situation. Anyway, they’re free and you don’t even have to go to the doctor to get them. Win-Win.


  5. I have days with nothing to do and nothing I want to do, usually after just moping around a bit, trawling real estate sites, I end up reading and before I know it, it’s time to cook dinner.

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    1. I would like to be busier than I am – perhaps once the weather cools down I can at least take a walk every day. I will never get used to being idle *sigh*


  6. I’m not quick to do new vaccines. It is very hard to do your homework on these things as my experience has been that the only info offered is by the manufacturer. I think that holds me back–of course they are going to say you need to get it. Never got a flu shot…never get the flu. Maybe that will change as I get older…but for now, I hold off.

    Don’t clean too much…dirt is coming!

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    1. As always, it’s a personal choice, you know your body best. For me flu shots work, since I’ve been getting them, no flu not even a cold, which is a change from when I didn’t get them – so good there. Same for the pneumonia shot for both me and G – really essential given our health histories, same for the shingles vaccine. A day or two with a sore arm and an upset tummy is worth the protection…like I said, it’s easy, it’s free, no down side for me.


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