In preparation for the kitchen reno we have been clearing out closets and the storage cage to 1. get rid of things so we will have room to store (temporarily) everything in the kitchen and 2. have room in the storage cage for furniture and stuff that we have to (temporarily) clear out of the dining/living/office space.

Our house in Philadelphia had 11 foot ceilings on the first floor and 10 foot ceilings on the second floor – that is a boatload of wall space and the place looked like an art gallery. When we moved here I didn’t put up all of our ‘art’ work, in fact I hung absolutely nothing in my office and nothing in the bedroom. The living/dining room is chock-a-block, as is the hallway.

We pulled out a box of ‘art’ from storage, and another small box from a closet and started sorting through. My husband tossed some framed photos that belonged to him and I tossed some framed photos that belonged to me – they were amateur snaps nothing professional like all my other framed photos. I used to collect masks and there were a few that no longer captured my fancy and one that had been a gift and had never been on display because it was unappealing, so we tossed those.

My husband has his work area in a corner of the living room and I made him put up professionally framed photos of his family. Two of his treasured photos didn’t make to his ‘gallery’ – one of his mother and one of his late sister.  The frames they were in were dimestore frames, old and falling apart

The big box held some of my personal treasures, and while I knew they were there, and I occasionally missed them I just never made an effort to take them out and hang them. Yesterday and today that all changed. Let me show you…

This is a huge piece – the t-shirt was a gift from Nick’s daughter, I actually wore it many times because it absolutely delighted me. My husband had it framed for me…this is so me, right?

This is a pencil/charcoal(?) picture I bought, already framed, from a yard sale for $5. I just like it. It is of a famous bookshop in Paris where all the famous jazz age babies and writers hung out.

Then there are these two – the one on the right is an oil on canvas that Nick bought for me as an ‘anniversary’ present, from the artist, at an art fair in Washington Square Park. And the one on the left is a watercolor called ‘Moon over New York City’ that I bought from the artist, already matted and framed, for a whopping $20 when I was on vacation in NYC. She was selling her work on the sidewalk, a few blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

And finally, finally – this photograph. Yes, it is a photo. When I showed it to my husband he asked “Is that a painting?” You might have noticed that I’ve mentioned how something was framed. And there is a reason for that. I’ve had this photo for several years now, always intending to have it professionally framed and matted but my frame shop went out of business and I could never figure out how to buy frames online and I usually want my art matted.

The photo is by my friend Lisa Ceaser an incredibly talented outdoor/landscape photographer. I’ve purchased photos from her and always had them professionally framed, this was the lonely one, much loved but unframed. Until now.

Yesterday we hung my husband’s treasured photos in their crummy frames and I felt bad for him. I went searching for frames online and found some that looked okay. I still prefer photos matted but I wasn’t going to get super picky about this. Something nice would have to do. And I wanted them now. Amazon came through for a change with next day delivery and today my husband’s photos look ever so much nicer. While I was frame shopping for my husband I decided to see if I could find a frame for Lisa’s photo – it’s an odd size – 12 inches square. Success! And now this love of a photo is in my living room…

10 thoughts on “Upsides

    1. I love this photo SO much. I had it still wrapped, in the envelope, with the cardboard insert so it wouldn’t get damaged. I’d take it out of the envelope just to look at it, I love it so much! It is just the most soothing, delightful, marvelous photo…G is quite taken with it.


    1. No question about saving it – the problem was framing it. If that damn mall ever opens up again and the frame shop opens up again I will have a proper matting/framing done. This photo just makes me sooo happy. I am thrilled it’s on the wall where I can see it all the time instead of taking it out the wrapping every once in a while just to have a quick look.


    1. I’m very particular about the mat and the frame, I like them to enhance whatever the image is that I’m framing, I like it to be a total visual experience. The pencil drawing pleases me too – in this case no matting is required and the black frame is perfect. I normally dislike black frames, especially when they are arbitrary.


    1. It is a most lovely photo. I had to convince Lisa to print a copy for me. G never saw it until Wednesday (I’ve had it for several years tucked away waiting for a frame). I was surprised he liked it. It just impresses everyone I guess.


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