We walked up to

the little market this morning – I needed to get some eggs. A dozen jumbo eggs is $1.89 here while at the chain supermarkets jumbo eggs run well over $5. Weird. A stroll through this market is an exercise in self-control because it is a Spanish market (owned by a Chinese woman). Today I fingered a huge bag of huge chicharones, another of plantain chips which weren’t chips but thin slices of plantain processed like chips, and as always, on my way to the check-out I fondled the pineapple cake. All of it way too high calorie for me and not the healthiest but oh my, ever so tasty!

The food I miss most from my life in NYC is Puerto Rican food – aww, man it is so good! Pasteles, I always preferred the yuca ones, rellenos de papa, rice and beans with the beans cooked in a ‘sauce’ with little plantain dumplings, anything pork.  I don’t know if there was ever a restaurant that served Puerto Rican food, there should have been, there should be – so delicious and no, not really like Mexican food.

It’s a good thing we went to the market early because we have to pass Popeyes and 11am is too early for lunch but I was so tempted. Popeyes is my guilty pleasure because I sure do love fried chicken and I love Popeyes best. *sigh*

I am now craving all the foods that I do not eat. Because, you know, they are not ‘healthy’, body-wise anyway. Emotionally? Hoo-boo they are the healthiest foods in the Universe because they make me happy. When my paternal grandmother was in her late 70’s a doctor told her she should lose some weight and she laughed at him and the idea, saying “So – they’ll need 8 people to carry my casket”

So what age do I have to be to not care how much I weigh, and get to eat all the foods that make me happy?

10 thoughts on “We walked up to

  1. Well….I think you can eat what you want…in moderation. I used to watch all the girls at work…stuffing their faces (and their fat asses) with greasy foods, giant soft drinks and fries. Lots and lots of fries. Then they’d order out Chinese the next day….pizza the next….and they were obese. Not even just fat….they are obese. But, they justified it by saying that “life is too short” to eat healthy options. My theory is that they have no idea how crappy they feel until they stop eating like that. ENJOY your food. Eat healthy for most of your meals and treat yourself now and again. I actually LIKE fresh veggies for lunch!

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    1. Vegetables are nice, I like them but they are a lot of work to prepare quite honestly and G is not a veggie person and I don’t cook until dinner time and then only because I have to because I am under this mistaken notion that I have to feed my husband something besides toast – which is his go-to food because it is the only thing he can ‘cook’ LOL I love fruit but aside from grapes and occasionally strawberries fruit around here is of such low quality and high prices I vacillate between anger and despair. I don’t do dairy of course. Actually aside from fruit I don’t really like any of the foods that are healthy and good for me – I eat them anyway, more or less, but I don’t enjoy them, I don’t like them and aside from pizza once a week – white with mushrooms and spinach, I also don’t eat the foods I DO enjoy because I have to moderate each and every bit of food I put in my mouth. Life sucks, then you die. I think if I ever reach the age of 85 I shall then eat whatever the hell I want! Until then I shall continue to just fondle food in the supermarket as I pass it by.


  2. I always love hearing that you’re able to get out for a walk! I’ve had Puerto Rican food a few times and it is delicious! Pineapple cake? Yum! Since I’ve found out this past year how my body reacts to certain foods, it’s been a lot easier to practice restraint around not so healthy foods. For instance, sugar makes me puff up from water retention and gluten gives me a headache. I still enjoy chocolate but baked goods and pizza better be damn good for me to eat it! If it’s worth it, I’ll deal with the consequences. Some is usually better than none too!

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    1. Interesting reaction to sugar. I just googled that, it’s not the sugar per se but the increase of insulin production in reaction to the sugar. Everyone should know their body’s reaction to foods if they bother to pay attention. That I am lactose intolerant (the stomach cannot process lactose) was discovered early in my life, like at 3 months old so not being able to consume most dairy products means I don’t actually crave those products. Cheese is one dairy product that doesn’t upset my stomach because the lactose in cheese has already been processed but I’m not a big cheese lover, except for mozzarella. Starchy carbs don’t affect my weight but pure sugar does – so if I’m eating candy or cakes or high sugar foods – I see the result almost immediately on the scale. Thankfully I’m not much of a sugar junkie, sweet is not a preferred taste for me, I much prefer tart. Same thing with salt – I don’t like it so salty foods are not part of diet at all. And something I spit out because it is too salty most other people would think is just fine and tasty. I count calories and monitor sugar content – 6 grams of sugar per serving is my bench mark – more than that and I pass it by. Except, you know when I MUST have a donut. In that case I cut back on my total food consumption for a day or two. But still – Popeyes fried chicken – oh yes please!


      1. I so agree on the salt! People think I’m odd but if something is too salty, it’s all I taste! Blech! The gaining weight from sugar could be water retention and inflammation which is exactly what happens to me. If I have a cookie – poof! I gain weight and I know it’s not because of too many calories. Dairy is the main cause of my water retention but I love cheese and ice cream – especially Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter so those are worth it foods to me although I rarely have them. Chocolate doesn’t effect me one bit thankfully!


  3. Moderation is the way to approach the not so healthy choices, I have a problem with moderation but it’s easier to keep under control when you have a tight budget..lol
    We don’t have a Popeyes around here but I’ve always liked KFC

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    1. For me moderation is Popeyes 2 or 3 times a year LOL I liked KFC Extra Crispy for years – until I had Popeyes – oh baby, baby – big difference! It’s easy to avoid Snickers or donuts or cake – I crave them infrequently. We buy sugar free cookies which quite honestly are very good. I go through phases where I do want all the bad stuff, all the time. I’m sure pizza is not the best thing for me but pizza on Sunday is a must – and sometimes during the week too. If for any reason I couldn’t have pizza – I’d still eat it! They would have to pry that slice out of my cold dead hand!


  4. My human eats food she enjoys… but she only eats one real meal a day because that’s all she can afford to, calorie-wise! But whatever it is, it’s something she loves and it makes her happy. She won’t consume empty calories, like soda, because they don’t make her happy.

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    1. If I lived alone I would probably eat better than I do and more foods that I like but I don’t and have to accommodate another person especially since I am the only one who cooks. If my husband and I each lived the way we were most comfortable – well, it just wouldn’t work out. I probably compromise more than he does but what are you gonna do. (Yeah, I don’t drink soda either mostly because I don’t like carbonated beverages except for really top notch champagne but then again I don’t drink alcohol anymore so…)


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