Oy the tsuris

So I bought a new desk, it required much putting-together except – it wouldn’t actually allow itself to be put-together. It fought us tooth and nail and won! The thing is – I bought online from Wayfair and nowhere in the description did it say that this piece was by Sauder. Now if I had know that I would never have bought it because Sauder furniture is the worst – been there, did that, was not happy (or successful).

I complained to Wayfair and after a bit of back and forth emails they refunded my money! And I don’t have to return the desk, which is a good thing because, for one thing, it is now in the trash. So good stuff all around, right?

Except that – last night I did a quick check of my email, just before I was to start making dinner, and discovered a notice from my credit card company that new charge was posted to my account – the thing was, I didn’t make that charge! So I immediately called the credit card company (Capital One) and protested. They insisted they would have to close the card down.

Here comes the Oy! – I have lots and lots of services billed directly to my credit card. Capital One says I should have the new card in hand by tomorrow so there is several hours of changing billing information ahead of me.

Here are the take-aways:

1. Always contact customer service if you are not happy with a product or service. I know, I know – it can be a real PITA but it’s worth it – totally. The only negative/unproductive customer service experience I’ve had lately is with a company called Brooklinen. Total crap product and they’re response was that they would replace the crap with more crap. Not happy with them.

2. The only places I have used my credit card in the last week has been Amazon and, wait for it – Wayfair. So if I got hacked Wayfair was the only place it could have happened. I shall not be shopping with Wayfair again.

3. Also – if you have more than one credit card, use the one that gets you the most return ie: cash back etc for trusted purchases and the other for use with places that you are not so sure of. I use my American Express for those purposes since AMEX only gives points, which are useless to me, and Capital One gives me cash back. (I thought Wayfair could be trusted, obviously I was wrong.)

4. The most important – Make sure you have alerts set on your credit cards and banks. Sure you might get a lot more emails – like every time you use your cards or your bank but so much better to almost instantly know if there is unauthorized use of your cards or banking info. So Much Better! Set up those alerts – Now.

I’ve got my credit alerts set at $10.00, I think I will change that to $1.00.

Profit from my mistakes people.

4 thoughts on “Oy the tsuris

  1. Bummer about the desk but at least you got a refund. That’s much better customer service then the last time you had an issue. Sorry your credit card was hacked. It’s a pain in the ass when you have bills being charged to a card that has to be cancelled. I have the credit card alert set at $100 but they notify me when a charge is made without the card being present and that has no minimum limit. I should lower it but we use it so often I’d get a lot of alerts. We charge everything and then I pay it all off every month so that we end up making money with the cash back.

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    1. i would have missed the fraudulent charge if my limit was that high – and then it would have been a month until I saw it on my statement. We charge everything too – both of our main cards get cash back and we both have one ‘back-up’ card. G only looks at his email once a day, if that, whereas I’m on-line all day and even when I’m not actively at my computer as I pass by I’ll check email, which is why dinner was late last night LOL


  2. Too bad about the desk but at least you were able to get them to give you a refund. Glad you had the notification thing so you could catch the charge on your card that you didn’t make.

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    1. Anyone who uses a credit card should absolutely have alerts set up – not only does it help with fraud but also lets you keep track of spending without having to sign into your credit card website. I have an email folder titled ‘Monthly transactions’ and I file all the credit card notices there so I can easily match them up with my monthly statement. Ok, I’m a little OCD – LOL


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