I will not comment. Really.

1. You know yourself better than anyone else, or you should. You should know how your body reacts, you should know what is essential to your feelings of well-being. Do not let anyone push you around. Do not let people browbeat you into feeling bad about yourself, or doubtful of yourself. That includes doctors. When your friends go off on some new-fangled diet/way of living regimen, and insist it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, if you know it’s not right for you, say so. And if/when they carry on and on and on about it – shut them down. Nicely of course, but shut them down.

2. We have tons of storage space in our apartment and while I do not collect stuff there is/was much that was never used or needed but since we had it and we had the room we didn’t put in the effort of getting rid of it. Now that we have to temporarily move everything in the kitchen and dining room to somewhere else for the kitchen reno, it has become imperative that we make space. Once the kitchen is done and we move everything back to where it belongs we are going to have a boatload of empty closets and shelves.

During this process I decided to downsize everything I can. I had a large desk which didn’t work for me, so I got rid of it and bought a smaller desk. Yes, smaller. I am buying a new fridge and it will be smaller than the one we have. The new stove will be smaller, the dishwasher is being removed altogether and will be replaced with a pull-out trash bin cabinet.

We have a storage unit (on the same floor as our apartment) and it is chock-a-block with stuff that we no longer use/need but it is in good condition, and since we have the space, we kept it. Next week we will empty that out – actually once a year we empty it out and still we kept things we haven’t used in years. Like a boatload of suitcases. We don’t travel anymore, we don’t need suitcases. They need to be gone!

3. I ‘know’ people who decorate their spaces with so much stuff it boggles my mind. They purposefully seek out useless items just to set a scene, create a tableau or whatever they call it. I know all that stuff makes them happy, and therefore it is good for them but when I see photos of overstuffed rooms I think “How the hell do you live like that?” And then again – I’m sure if those people saw my living space they would wonder how I could live so impersonally, so sparsely.

Which kinda brings us back to #1.

I won’t comment when folks gleefully chatter about all the new stuff they got to decorate their living spaces. I won’t comment when folks gush about their latest ‘living well’ scheme. I won’t comment on your new home, furniture, dress, hair-do, or anything else about you or your life UNLESS…

~ I really, really like it.
~ I’m really, really interested in your new living well scheme/diet/medical info.
~ I really, really have something totally positive to say.

I was going to post before and after photos of my new office set-up.
I was planning on posting before and after photos of the new kitchen.

But I won’t. Because. I shall spare you from having to comment on what I strongly believe none of you would really, really like.

5 thoughts on “I will not comment. Really.

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to leave a comment. People with different likes and taste don’t always match what you like. You don’t want to hurt their feelings but you don’t want to lie and say you like something you don’t.
    With that being said, It still would be nice to see your kitchen reno when it’s done and the new office too 🙂

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    1. Sometimes it is – there are a few blogs I read that I enjoy enormously, well-written and funny but aside from saying ‘well written and funny’ there is nothing to say, as least for me. The there are photography blogs which I enjoy but how many times can you say ‘ great photo’. I’m fairly transparent, people used to know when I didn’t like something because I would stay silent. I remember one time vividly. Young woman in my office, sweetest young woman, bought a new coat on her lunch hour, she was showing it off when I walked down the hallway, she was all excited about her new coat and asked me what I thought. Uh-oh – it was dreadful, very unflattering. So I guess I just must have said something like – ‘oh, new coat’ She got all upset, you don’t like it…blah blah blah. When I like something, I always say so – sometimes very enthusiastically so people around me know my reactions. I think you are the only person I have commented to honestly. And no on the new office set-up and kitchen.


  2. We’re all different which makes us interesting but it doesn’t mean we have to agree with what anyone else is doing. I may not like what someone is doing but if it makes them happy then I’m quite alright with it and can usually come up with a comment. If it seems like someone is doing something for the wrong reasons or because they feel they ‘have’ to do it, then it’s sad and I don’t know what to say. For instance, if I didn’t like your new office or kitchen, which I bet I will, it makes you happy which makes me happy so I’d comment so please show us!

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    1. Yes, we are all different, but I have found when people’s preferences are different from yours, their comments, while I’m sure they aren’t trying to be mean on purpose, are critical – ‘That color is awful, you should have done this or that” Criticism is not a bad thing, but if I’m not asking for your opinion, then don’t give it. If I’m not asking for your advice – then don’t give it. I’m happy for whatever makes you happy but god-damn-it-all-to-hell leave me alone!

      See that’s what I like about your healthy living thing – it works for you but you are not beating people up with it – you put it out there once – “This is what I’m doing and it works for me” and then you just left it. People could follow the link, or not.

      You know how much I dislike ‘stuff’ – especially when it has no useful purpose – and people write about the new ‘stuff’ they just bought and they expect people to comment on how wonderful or beautiful or whatever the new useless stuff is – I can’t do that. But, you know it makes them happy but I can’t even. LOL And I wonder if they wonder why I never say anything…

      I sincerely doubt anyone would like my kitchen besides me – it’s not going to be anything special except for the backsplash – it will be very plain – very. Plain, plain, plain. It’s hardly my dream kitchen because I can’t afford my dream kitchen but within my limited budget it’s okay and certainly a kabillion times better than what I am living with now. I’m getting rid of the dishwasher for pete’s sake. My new kitchen will work for me – anyone else – probably not, or maybe – but the point is – I don’t want to hear about it.


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