Die Summer Die!

Another week of triple digit heat indexes. Another week of daily rain, however brief. Another week without open windows. Another week of  not being able to go outside. Another week of not being able to breathe if you DO go outside. Another week of constant headaches from the air conditioning.  It’s been over three months of this shit.



8 thoughts on “Die Summer Die!

  1. Joe is home with me today while Brian is working on the kitchen. After 20 minutes of sawing, he said “Le’ts WALK to Target” Yeah/No. I nearly melted. I hate August and it’s hot/dry/humid days where you can’t even be outside. And no, hate is not too strong a word.

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    1. We’ve had hot humid wet weather since May! May!!! It didn’t use to be like this. And how much do you want to bet that this Winter we will have a snowmageddon to boot? I.Just.Can.Not.Anymore


  2. It’s been in the 70s here but last night it was humid for the first time in a long time. Even though the temp at bedtime was 69, we kept the windows shut because 72 in the A/C was much cooler so we could sleep. I couldn’t deal with your heat and humidity for as long as you’ve had to endure it. So, who was it who said global warming was a hoax? Oh yeah. That dufus.

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  3. I always used to love this kind of weather but the older I get the more I just can’t take the heat and humidity. We had a few cooler days and this week has been brutal. It started to rain earlier and I was thrilled for about a minute and a half.

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  4. I agree I have always hated summer even though I actually lived near the equator. Now living in country with four seasons I can confirm that I really loathe the disgusting humidity of summer. Can’t wait for autumn!!

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