It’s all for the cats, right?

I’ve been fighting with beds for a long time – since my spine crashed and burned some 15 years ago. Mostly finding a mattress that was comfortable and didn’t weigh a ton and finding a configuration that wouldn’t disable me when I tried to make the bed. Lifting the corner of a heavy mattress to tuck the sheets around caused excruciating pain. Then there was the problem of the bed being too high with a mattress and box spring, or being too low with no box spring on a traditional platform bed.

After a year of contemplating buying a high platform bed I finally bit the bullet and spent the money. High platform beds are not easy to come by, just in case you were wondering.

Adding bunkie boards, and success at last! The bed is easy to make, I don’t trash my back and it is the right height – I don’t have to launch myself into a too high bed, nor ease myself down onto a too low bed. But it seems the cats love the new bed even more than I do.

You see the bedframe is 14 inches above the floor which means there is a lot more ‘head room’ for the cats. It is really roomy and comfy under the bed now and the cats spend an inordinate amount of time there. Not because they are hiding from something or someone but because it is an airy, spacious den. Being a king-size bed there is more than enough room for the both of them to be there without getting in each other’s comfort zone.

I’m sure the cats think I did this all for them, tho I did not a hear a meow of thanks.

6 thoughts on “It’s all for the cats, right?

  1. Typical cat for you. I absolutely hate the bed I have. It’s a pillowtop that didn’t wear well at all and it has dips from where we each laid. Plus it holds in the heat so it feels like you are sleeping on a heated mattress all night long

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    1. I was going to buy a new mattress this past Spring when I bought the new bed frame but after researching until my eyes rolled back in my head, I couldn’t decide so I just bought a mattress pad which has helped and new ‘sleep cool’ pillows. Our mattress has those dips too – gonna have to get a new mattress sooner than later but I can’t face it LOL


  2. You can tell yourself you didn’t buy it for the cats but they know the truth! Our bed is like that underneath too so Angel spends a lot of time under there. Lexi even fit under there when she chased Angel one time. Ooo boy was Angel pissed! She made sounds I’ve never heard before! We’re hoping Lexi is too big to do that now but either way we keep her away from our room until bedtime.


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