If you’ve got garlic and olive oil

you can make anything taste good. Last night I made linguini with clam sauce and I made too much linguini so I drizzled some olive oil on it and put it in the fridge figuring I would do something with it. Today for lunch I threw some garlic in a saute pan with some olive oil, when that got nice and fragrant I added the leftover linguini, added a can of tuna, some clam juice, black pepper, grated Romano cheese and heated it through – made a lovely lunch.

I always say I am not creative and have no imagination, too pragmatic and practical, me. But when it comes to practical I am very creative. I once worked in this weird little store that sold art pottery, art candles, they were actually fabulous sculptures made of wax that incidentally had a wick in them. The store also sold gardening supplies, wicker baskets, and assorted household doohickeys (like a ceramic egg separator). Anyway, the store was on the upper Eastside of Manhattan and people would wander in looking for something in particular which we didn’t have but more often than not I could find something that would do the trick. Like one night some guy comes rushing in looking for ashtrays (this was back in the 1980’s) and I sold him several of the ceramic egg separators to use – they were just small shallow dishes with an indention on the lip – looked pretty much like an ashtray.

Anyway I am always finding ways to use one thing to do the job of something else. I’m really creative that way. Kinda MacGyver-ish.

I desperately need a new sofa. We have a leather loveseat that converts into a bed and I can feels the wires and bars right through the cushion. Plus we got totally ripped off on that thing because it was bonded leather not real leather and the leather has been flaking off the backing for years. Looks like shit, feels like shit.

Thing is – there are no furniture stores around here – even when we did have a car driving to Maryland or 50-60 miles south was just not a happening thing. Then of course there is the matter of what I like, and what I like I can’t afford or it doesn’t exist. Plus it can’t be any longer than say 70 inches. Don’t have the room or the need for something bigger. So guess what clever me did? I bought a patio sofa! End of season it was very reasonably priced, the cats can’t trash it, the cushions can be replaced when they get flat and the covers can be washed – Yes! It looks like this –
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 5.28.27 PM
It comes in 10 colors, we got it in tangerine. And no, Lin, it does not come with the throw pillows just the cushions, tho I may be forced to buy some sort of pillow in case I want to lie down. (I’m thinking a standard sized bed pillow with some fun kind of pillowcase.)

So whether it’s leftover spaghetti, or furniture, I can be a very creative and clever puss.

14 thoughts on “If you’ve got garlic and olive oil

  1. Shoot. I like the throw pillows. 😛

    Um, we just ordered furniture from Ethan Allan. They offer quality furniture at scaled down sizes–which we need because our house is old and the rooms are small. Can’t go to the giant furniture stores here that sell giant, overstuffed furniture. Anywhoooo…I ditched my local designer and talked to one long distance (from their site) and she did this whole presentation for me using my tables, rug, etc. She was amazing…and it will all be delivered from the home base in Connecticut.

    Yes, we are paying for custom pillows to accent the new furniture. 🙂

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    1. Ethan Allen makes quality furniture – totally outside my budget – I can’t see spending 2 or 3 thousand dollars for a sofa. Plus the older I get the more funky I like things – I’m sure I would drive a designer crazy – it’s getting really hard just finding new appliances – power burners are straight from hell. (And Of Course you are having custom throw pillows made..).


  2. You’re very creative and imaginative when it comes to poetry. Many of us can’t put together words as beautifully as you do. You have a gift for that like some have a gift for drawing.

    Very clever on the sofa! It’s bright and cheery too and will look great against your yellow walls! I noticed you mentioned the cats in describing it so yeah, they know they were thought of in the decision making process again. MOL!

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    1. Thank you for the compliment – I do occasionally do well with words. I like the bright cheeriness of the sofa – we have always had leather furniture because of the cats – not so much for the scratching but for the fur factor – but they have done some damage on this old leather sofa we have. I’m getting old, I don’t want to invest in furniture plus I get bored quickly, this is cheap enough that in a couple of years, if I hate it, I can replace it guilt free. (And yet it appears to be a sturdy sucker, may outlive me!) (I never ever considered the cats when I bought the bed, I want to make that clear.)


    1. You’re right except I do admire clever people who make beautiful things. We don’t always appreciate our own talents do we? I have been looking at that sofa for several months now – I too love the grey and tangerine – just makes me happy to look at it!

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    1. The furniture thing might not work for everyone LOL Since I tend to the funky, or eclectic as my husband called it, it works for us. I know most folks have a pulled together harmonious living space – me, just whatever captures my fancy while serving a purpose.


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