We’ve got ourselves

another wet, humid, sticky, cool day today. It’s the humid and cool that is confusing. That said, while the week’s forecast calls for low 80’s and high humidity and rain – I think the worst of the Summer is over and we can stop talking about the weather until the snow and ice comes in. The cold is fine, I can easily deal with cold, it’s the snow and ice that scare me.

Southern coastal areas are under storm warnings because of hurricane Florence, and while Virginia has a coast we aren’t near it. I think this is the farthest I have ever lived from a large body of water. I prefer oceans but a large lake will do, a large river is the third and least choice. Of course there are rivers and then there are rivers – have you ever seen the St. Lawrence River? Holey-moley but that is one honking big river.

We have settled nicely into a waiting pattern ahead of the kitchen reno. The appliances have been bought and paid for, I hope the old ones get donated somewhere because they are only 6 years old, and while they don’t suit me at all (Death to Power Burners!) they would certainly suit someone else.  We can’t do any of the major temporary relocating of kitchen stuff until Friday – Thursday afternoon the junk haulers come – all the stuff they are taking away is stashed in my office, once that is gone we can move my husband’s ‘office’ into mine and start packing away some of the dishes ‘n stuff.  The only thing about the new kitchen I’m going to miss is the glass doors on some of the upper cabinets. I really like glass doors, I like seeing my colorful dishes. But – kitchen cabinets with glass doors are expensive so – oh, well.

Had a bad night last night – lots of leg cramps and weird dreams. We watch too much British television because in one dream I was in World War II London in a bomb shelter during a blitz. I mean, how weird is that? Perhaps I’m feeling bombarded with responsibilities and worries right now and that’s how my brain played it out – I don’t know.

Right now we are in the calm before the storm – all of them. Sit and wait. Lawdy, but I hate sit and wait.

15 thoughts on “We’ve got ourselves

    1. So you know I had to look that up because I stood on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis and it wasn’t wide at all, or deep. The widest part of the Mississippi is in Minnesota! In Memphis it is only 20 feet wide. The St. Lawrence is so wide you basically can’t see across it – like the ocean – you can see as far as the horizon. Lake Champlain is gigantic too – I used to live near there. In the Winter the wind off that lake could knock you right onto your butt.


  1. Uh oh…d-day (demolition) is coming! Yeah, the waiting is stressful. Even demolition is progress in my book, so having walls down and cabinets removed was a happy thing for me. I am excited for you and your new kitchen!

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    1. I went on a vacation where we drove around the Gaspe Peninsula – so drove along the St. Lawrence – huge. My parents honeymooned in The Thousands Islands, my father was at an army camp there – somewhere in upstate NY.


    1. So weird, right? I’m handling everything pretty much on my own – G is no help, so lots of juggling of appointments, figuring out where to store stuff, the physical moving of the stuff – it’s all on me. It would be nice to have some help but that’s not happening.


  2. Grace, I feel your pain. We survived a kitchen reno several years ago. Well, I survived it. My husband nearly didn’t. I was acting as the contractor, and my husband was avoiding the site as much as possible. But when he came out of the shower one morning and walked into the kitchen and found a guy jackhammering in the corner, he just left for the day! Another time, he drove up in the middle of the day and I was out on the front lawn with a dozen guys from three different trades and he decided to just keep on driving!

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    1. Me, I just write checks and point – the reno company does everything! Just having the appliances delivered at a specific time and booking the service elevator was stressful enough for me.


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