The Baby Princess

Our latest (and greatest) grandchild turned one last week. I refer to her as ‘The Baby Princess’. Since she and Da Mama and Da Papa live far away and I don’t travel I shall probably never meet her and that makes me sad because from all the little videos and photos Da Mama sends us The Baby Princess seems like a delightful little human.

When I was looking for a card to send her for her first birthday I was a bit put out because all the kids cards were just words – no fun stuff with music and pop-ups. I finally found a musical pop-up card that I thought a one-year old would like and sent it.

Da Mama just sent me some videos of The Baby Princess reacting to the card. According to Da Mama the card frightened the Baby Princess at first and then over several days she decided she loved it. So here are some delightful videos of our Baby Princess laughing and dancing to the music, so make sure the sound is on. (And look how good she is walking already – just one-years old!.)(Click on the lower right corner – where those arrows are – the videos will go full screen.)

9 thoughts on “The Baby Princess

    1. Is that the name of the song? I had no idea LOL Yeah in the beginning Da Mama would send me tons of photos via email but that got to be a PITA so I told her she should just upload anything and everything to a shared google drive folder and I could access stuff from there. That works well, I check the drive from time to time or Da Mama emails me that there are new photos available. She’s been walking real good for about a month now – Can a Nona brag a little? Of Course she can!

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      1. I think the only person you can brag to, as a parent, is grandparents. And grandparents have all the right in the world to brag about their grandkids. I enjoy seeing and hearing all about her and I hope you continue to share.

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