Miscellaneous Mishegoss #472.79

I don’t really know how many miscellaneous mishegosses I have done over the years but it just seemed like this needed a number so I made one up.

~ When I woke this morning the first thing that I was conscious of was that all last night my dreams were about dreaming. I was dreaming other dreams in my dreams. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

~ I am constantly aware of all the things I do not know and it makes my head hurt. And I want to ask people “What does that mean?” I’m not talking about serious matters here – I just betcha physics is the most fascinating subject in the universe but try as I might I don’t understand any of it, well maybe just a tiny bit but not enough to make me happy.

I’m talking about the ordinary nonsense people share and talk about while making idle conversation. Social media is chock-a-block with references, memes, music, book reviews that I do not understand. Often, after I have looked them up, attempted to research them to make sense of them, I still don’t understand, I still don’t get the point.

~ Can I whinge a bit about inspirational claptrap? Please? Just a little? There is a link in the menu that runs across the top of the blog “Inspirational Crap I Collect” and it links to my tumblr blog where I put such stuff. The stuff I can actually relate to.

I would list some of the claptrap that annoys me most but I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade. Folks take a lot of this stuff to heart, they actually make adjustments to their lives based on it. Don’t get me wrong, some of it useful and valid and some of it, okay most of it, just makes me want to scream “Grow up, be responsible, what are you stupid or something”

Penny ante pop psychology – need help coping? Please find a real therapist, you know one with specific education, training and a license.

~ All and sundry are waxing poetic about the beginning of Fall/Autumn. And certainly it is worth waxing poetic about. Autumn, my very favorite season, which I won’t write about again, at this time, but I have before.

But the joys and gloriousness of Autumn does not ever include pumpkin spiced anything except pie –

7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss #472.79

  1. You’re not alone in not knowing what people mean these days! I hear or read things and think WTH does that mean! If I hear it enough I’ll ask or try to find out what it means. When I hear someone my age saying that something isn’t her ‘jam’, well, then I’d rather be out of the loop then to say something as weird as that.

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    1. Most of the time I feel like an idiot asking, so I don’t, or I google. Don’t know what ‘jam’ is in that context and honestly, I don’t care enough to bother looking it up LOL


  2. Most of the time I don’t understand what people mean because I can’t hear what they are saying Instead of continually asking them to repeat themselves I just nod and agree. Sometimes I look like an idiot like the time someone asked me a question that required more than a yes or no answer and I just nodded and smiled. They looked at me like I had lost my mind. Nope, just my hearing πŸ™‚

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    1. So how is the hearing aid situation progressing? Have you been approved for financial assistance? I have super sharp hearing and my husband has crap hearing – life is interesting here.


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