Despite the fact that…

~ I have spent my life interacting and speaking to inanimate objects I simply can’t get with the voice activated world. I do not talk to my phone or my computer or my iPad. I don’t talk to my tv remote. And I sure as hell don’t talk to Siri, Alexa or whatever the hell the Google thing is called (does it even have a name?).

It’s not just the privacy issue as it pertains to data collecting but the privacy issue of someone in the general vicinity listening. It’s like aural hovering, and we all know how much I hate hovering.

~ I don’t decorate, for the seasons or any other reason, minimalist that I am, but I have such admiration for people who do it, especially when they do it well.  My friend Ann, just did up her home for Autumn and posted some pics, and it looks quite lovely. Not overdone or extreme, not oostsy-cutesy but very warm and inviting. Really nice, I like it.

~ I am always whinging and whining and kvetching I really am a basically happy person. Now that I look at that, is happy the right word? Certainly not content. I hate the word ‘content’ and that whole concept because content to me means you’ve given up and given in and you’ll just make do with the way things are. I hate that idea. I live that concept but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. So – maybe not happy but certainly not depressed, at least not for extended periods of time. I don’t know what I am but believe this or not, I am more positive than negative. Hah!

8 thoughts on “Despite the fact that…

  1. I liked Ann’s decorating too. It was natural looking and not forced or tacky.

    Um….my fridge is back-ordered too. What is with fridges???

    And…my beautiful expensive tile it out as well. It is months back-ordered…IF it comes at all. I have found an alternative that comes cheaper as well. I guess it was meant to be.

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    1. I don’t think it was that the fridge was back-ordered, I think it was the hurricane that was delaying things. The fridge is Whirlpool and the stove is Frigidaire. It wasn’t easy finding BASIC appliances, no bells and whistles, they are hard to come by. Sorry about the tile – my backsplash is the only ‘special’ thing in the kitchen, I just hope it looks as good on the walls as the sample did! Glitter!


  2. The idea of having Alexa, Siri or whoever listening to me doesn’t sit well so I don’t think I’ll ever have one of those things. Having said that, my car listens to me tell it commands but I have to push a button first so I’m thinking it’s not listening constantly. At least I hope not!

    I like Ann’s decorations too! She did a great job!

    I understand being content but I agree, it feels like a word to indicate settling with the situation we’re in.

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    1. I can’t stand people hovering, a machine hovering and listening? No way jay! G and I are sharing ‘office’ space during the reno and I don’t like it one bit – I need whatever little privacy I can get and I ain’t got none with him sitting next to me.

      I’m happy that you get how I feel about the word ‘content’ – makes me feel better that someone else understands that.


  3. The Google thing just goes by Google. I think you start it by saying ok Google. I never think to use it and to me it’s just as easy to type in what I want.
    Thanks for The compliment on the fall decor.

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