There is much joy in my world today

Many deliveries scheduled for today – my couch (which I showed you in this post) and my fridge and stove.

The couch had a delivery time of between 8 and Noon, it was here by 8:45am! Easy peasy delivery, unpack and put together – Joy! It needs *gag* throw pillows and I’ve bought those, they should be here by Friday. I’ll post a pic when the the couch is all decorated. I may have to crochet new kitty blankets because, as you may or may not remember, the couch is a washed grey with tangerine cushions and the kitty blankets are purple and yellow. The throw pillows I bought are silver grey – so with the kitty blankets, too many colors!

The fridge and stove had a delivery window of between 10am and 2pm, with the caveat that they might be late depending on other deliveries and traffic, yadda yadda yadda. Well, guess what bunkies? They were delivered at 10:45am! Bam!

We had to put the handles on the doors, I did that, because my husband, Mr. Shaky, couldn’t get the screws in. For someone who is not exactly Mr. Fix-it, my husband has many tool sets, one set, for some perverse reason has square handles! Ever try putting in screws with a square handled screwdriver? I practically flung that thing across the room. Had to dig around for a screwdriver with a round handle – that worked, done and done.

If you’ve been riding along with me for all these years then you know I am a minimalist, basic, utilitarian person and my stove and fridge are the most basic of basic appliances. Pretty much like my kitchen reno – no bells and whistles. I am so happy.

New fridge is smaller than what we had because mostly our fridge was always pretty empty – so I got an 18 cu ft, 30 inch wide Whirlpool. (If you click the link to see it and the specs, have no fear, I DID NOT pay the MSRP).

As for the stove – for the past 10 years I have been living with stoves that have power burners, the most exasperating feature on a stove. I’ve spent these years with the damn power burner stoves burning food. If you know how to cook then you don’t need no friggin’ power burner! Death to power burners! Finding a gas stove without these horrors was one hell of a trick but – we found a no bells and whistles stove from Frigidaire. (Again, I did not pay the MSRP). This stove does have a ‘simmer’ burner but that’s okay, I actually find those useful.  The only thing more basic than this stove would be a camp fire. I love this!

So it has been a totally joyous day. Our kitchen reno job supervisor said there was a possibility that the countertops will be installed next Monday! It’s just a faint possibility because countertops can take up to 2 weeks to get prepared for installation but who knows, my luck and my joy might hold out.

I am one happy, happy camper today, you betcha!

11 thoughts on “There is much joy in my world today

    1. and I just got word that the countertops will be ready tomorrow BUT the service elevator in my building is booked through Monday – so no countertops until next Tuesday – Well, you can’t win them all – still a great day.


  1. Yay for so much good! It’s great that your counters will be in next Tuesday too! Your fridge is the same size or very close to ours but we have the freezer on the bottom since we don’t use it as often. It’s a good size for two people. Can’t wait to hear how you like your pillows! The reason you’re getting them is the reason we have some too. They’re for function and comfort more so than decoration. Hope Miss Frankie likes the couch soon too!


    1. If you check out FB you will see BB happily ensconced on the couch in MY SPOT. The only reason I am getting throw pillows is so I will have somewhere to lay my head – I have never, ever owned a throw pillow before, these will be my first!

      Oh I hate bottom freezers, I don’t like the bending thing (my back) and I don’t like that you can’t see what you have in there! The old fridge was like 22 cu. ft. – way to big for us, it was never full. This smaller one will also take up less room in my already tiny kitchen – Win-Win.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. MOL! Yes, I saw BB in his spot! 🙂 He’s so adorable!

        The bending is why we got the bottom freezer since we didn’t like bending to reach things in the bottom part of our fridge! We all see things differently I guess! It works better for us to have that the highest part of the fridge the part we access the most. Either way, I’m happy you’re getting a kitchen that is going to be better for you!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m sure G would like everything higher up since his coke is in the bottom of the fridge but I wouldn’t! Yup, this kitchen will totally be suited to MY needs Yay!


  2. WOW all your deliveries done before noon. Gotta love that. My appliances are all odd and basic. I probably wouldn’t know how to use anything new.


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