The new fridge was quickly operational even if not in its proper place, I’m not too sure how many folks keep their fridges in their living room.

The first order of business, aside from plugging it in, was arranging the carefully curated refrigerator decor. (If you want to be able to read my fridge you have to right click/open in new tab for the full size of the photo.) And, yes, everything on my fridge has been carefully chosen and reflects who my husband and I are.

For us old folks that calendar is an essential element of our lives – some months are chock-a-block with medical appointments, a mainstay of  the ‘social’ commitments of the elder life.

Most of the others were gifts from my husband to me – and the others were gifts from me to me…

So there’s my life – on my refrigerator door.

7 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Hooray! The new fridge is here!!

    I am looking forward to having an empty fridge front after having all sorts of stuff on there for years. Maybe a calendar…but I think that is all. Fridge clutter to me is the accent pillow to you. I don’t like it…don’t need it…don’t want it. Yours is very cute though…and very much you. Love your sayings….

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    1. They do make me happy tho the “To Do” magnet is George’s and usually lives on the side of the fridge where you can’t see it LOL I’m not fond of that one. I’ve had a few of them for years, years, I tell you! I do love my new small, no bells and whistles fridge – so perfect for us. And my new basic no frills stove – I can’t wait to get that puppy installed and in use. I do spend time pattng it and making sure it’s happy all out of place there in the dining room.


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