For the first time in a month

We can actually see blue skies! I exaggerate only a tiny bit, in the last 28 days I do believe we had 2.5 consecutive days with NO rain – the rest of the month – grey skies, and rain  most of those days,

So with this beauteous weather I got to go out for a walk! Yay!

Everything is green and pretty much nothing else – all the color is gone except for green – hoo-boy is everything green. No Fall colors yet, leaves don’t show even a hint of changing, I did find this bit of color – a last hurrah I guess


I noticed a lot of squirrels today and they were busy, busy, busy but the one alarming thing I noticed is – they are very tiny. They look the size of Spring squirrels not Fall squirrels. And I saw a lot of black squirrels which are not really native to the United States, much less Virginia. Normally they are smaller than grey squirrels and they are a whole heck of a lot faster. I love the the story of how black squirrels came to live in Northern Virginia. I was lucky to get a photo of this little feller (the zoom on my crap point and shoot sucks!)


There is a lamp post on my walk that I totally love, me being a gargoyle fan – I played with the photo a lot – kinda fun I think


Very popular in this area are ornamental grasses and they have grown like weeds, which maybe they are. I took a photo of some and then played with editing and posted it over on my photo blog if you want to take a quick peek.

5 thoughts on “For the first time in a month

    1. THanks. I’ve been leery of taking my ‘big’ camera with me on my walks – this is a totally crime free area and yet I am hesitant to go out with an expensive camera but the little point and shoot is getting old and really sucks when zooming.


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