The (book)worm turns…

and that title phrase does not really apply in this usage. (“If you say that the worm turns, you mean that someone who usually obeys another person or accepts their bad behaviour unexpectedly starts resisting that person or expresses their anger.“) Unless, in the slimmest of interpretations, I can say that I, the (book)worm, turned when I finally decided that not finishing a book I didn’t like was okay. I used to force myself to finish reading books I didn’t like and somewhere along the line I realized what a waste of time that was.

I’ve always preferred terse, short, to the point, and hated all that yadda yadda physical description of landscapes and whatall else writers fill pages and pages with. Most of the time I could skip over all that (yeah, yeah, yeah – the sky is blue – move on with the damn story.) Then I just stopped bothering with the skipping over and I learned to close the book.

That’s probably why I, from an early age, preferred reading plays and poetry.  Let’s just get down to the real nitty gritty

Just tell me the story.
Let it about people I can like, at least the major characters.
And for god’s sake let there be a happy ending.

I don’t remember if I always craved happy endings, but I do now. Movies most definitely have to have happy endings. There must be a positive resolution. If I shed a tear or two on my way to the happy ending that’s okay, whether happy or sad tears.

I have read a book or two recently that didn’t have ‘happy’ endings but they were so very engaging, albeit a bit on the the dark side, and well-written that I had to finish, had to know the whole story, even if it turned out the whole story wasn’t there to be had.

Maybe you just get old enough, and have lived enough life and read enough books that there isn’t anything new under the sun anymore. Where every plot and twist is all “been there, done that”.

Or maybe you get old enough that you simply don’t want to waste time on anything that isn’t going to bring you pleasure, or illumination.

But mostly for me, these days, whether it’s a movie, a tv show or a book, it has to grab my attention and make me care. Make me feel something besides bored or annoyed.

And please, if it’s a book, make sure there was a real copy editor hard at work before they printed the damn thing!

Life sucks then you die

So do you interpret that as a negative? Or that a person who espouses that philosophy as being a negative depressed person? And if you do – why?

Whenever I say that, and I get a response of “I used to feel that way but then I learned to appreciate the beauty of the world etc” I shake my head and laugh – out loud laugh. (And there is nothing I like better than a good laugh – even more than jelly donuts, which, actually, only make me smile.) Because what makes you think I don’t?

(Or am I misinterpreting that remark? Perhaps it is not intended for me at all, it is not a passing comment on my outlook. Do I protest too much? Perhaps I just feel misunderstood? And why should it matter if I am? Neurosis, they name is Grace.)

There is joy and pleasure and beauty in life. Absolutely. All I have to do is look out my window, watch my cats, read a great poem, spend an hour (or two) cleaning my home and then stepping back and admiring the fruits of my labor. So much day to day stuff that just makes me smile!

And there is not. There are days when it hard to see all that – it’s still there, just a little fuzzy. Delight and despair co-exist. In thoughts and life.

Why exactly can people not hold those two thoughts in mind, and accept both as being true? Yes, life sucks. No matter how good your life is, there has had to be some sucky things – major sucky, minor sucky but sucky nonetheless. And sometimes sucky on a daily basis.

And I’m willing to bet that people whose lives are truly sucky – that some of those people can, and do, find some up-sides, some pleasures, some joy, some beauty, if not every day, then some days.

I’m all about the up-sides/down-sides. Over the years I have posted with that as the title, many times because – well, hell, I CAN hold two opposing thoughts in my mind at the same time.

I can see both sides, I can appreciate both sides, I can revel in both sides, I can despair of both sides. I acknowledge both sides and I live both sides, some days more one than the other but still – both.

Life sucks, then you die. Life is beautiful, then you die. And every day you probably experience both. Very rarely is any one day perfect – perfectly wonderful or perfectly dreadful. Both sides, people, both sides, nothing is 100% anything – at least not in my view. But maybe that’s just me. Life sucks, then you die – and basically I am one happy camper!

And like just about everything, that reminds me of a song…

Miscellaneous Mishegoss #657.38

You would think that there comes a point in your life when you can sleep as long as you like, get up and out of bed whenever. And you would be wrong. I got up at 9:30am, seems like I had a sleep-in, well rested, and again you would be wrong since I didn’t get to sleep until like 4:45am. And no, it wasn’t my brain in overdrive, it was my husband’s snoring, snorting, mouth-breathing in overdrive.

I’ve had a running battle with American Standard for close to a year now. Trying to replace a top-mount, slow close toilet seat. American Standard’s parts department/customer service sucks! Plus they no longer manufacture a replacement toilet seat for the style of commode I have (skirted trapway), yet they still sell that commode and the toilet seats are total, dare I say it, crap. I purchased their recommendation and it came with no instructions and didn’t fit, so I had to eat the cost of the return. Now a slow close, top-mount toilet seat just pops on (and off) 2 prongs in the base of the commode. Except that the prongs on the commode I have were closer together than the holes they pop into the replacement toilet seat. Here’s the thing – there is a way to adjust the distance on the prongs but since there were no instructions included with the replacement toilet seat I didn’t know that.

I bought a toilet seat from another company, much better quality than the American Standard BTW, and it came with instructions but I also needed a top-mount kit since the prongs on the American Standard mount were larger than the holes on the non-American Standard seat. The new seat came with instructions! Okay so it took me a while to remove the old top-mount hardware, install the new top-mount hardware and it took me a while to get the prongs exactly 5.5 inches apart but I did it! Just call me Miss Handyman.

If you have cats then you can’t have plants or flowers in a vase. At least I’ve never been able to because my cats would jump up on any table I had said plants/flowers on and eat them. We were in Trader Joe’s on Friday and I saw these little mini-potted plants and I did so want one. I figured since it was so tiny I could put it on the china closet edge, or maybe on the kitchen counter. Not optimum placing for being able to see it all the time but maybe, just maybe…At $1.99 I could afford to either have the cats trash it or, since I have a black thumb, enjoy it for a week or so until it dies. I bought a mini mum plant for our concierge and that little beauty on the left for me. I have no idea what it is but it makes me smile and that’s all I need to know.

Well it seems because it is so small the cats don’t seem to have noticed it in the middle of the dining table. Too small to be seen from the floor? Who knows. Besides Miss Frankie is the only one who ever gets on the dining table, BB being too big and fat to jump from the floor to a chair to the table top. I may get to keep this little bit of sunshine. If it manages to stay alive until our next trip to TJ’s, I may even buy myself another.

O happy day!

Saving Grace

Last night we watched the final episode of “Saving Grace”, the best television show that ever aired. This was the fourth time we have watched this series – the fourth! The first time when it aired originally on TNT and the next 3 times on various streaming services. Currently it is available on Hulu.

This show haunts me, and it has been haunting my dreams for the past few nights (we usually watch one episode a night, the show was on for only 3 years.)

What is it about – short answer, from IMDB, “An angel offers a jaded Oklahoma City police detective the chance to redeem her life.”  Oh but make no mistake this is no ‘angel’ show like all those other feel-good, sappy, bull-shit angel tv shows. Oh no, my pretties!

This is a show about love – in all its many guises, configurations, permutations. It is about love of friends, family, romantic love. Love of righteousness, duty, responsibility and ultimately, love of god, however you may define that word.

It is not an easy show to watch – these are complicated people with complicated lives, past and present. Yet every character is likable and relatable. There is no one here to dislike, no character who will get on your nerves with their annoying stupidity and cluelessness (okay, maybe Grace’s mother and sister just a bit. But the sister comes along and the mother is a very minor character so we can discount them.)

This is NOT a family show – there is sex (a lot of it), nudity (a lot of it), profanity (a lot of it), some violence (it is a cop show at it’s very basic level).

And there is a Last Chance Angel, named Earl.  Earl is probably not what you think of when you think of an angel, but after watching this show, your expectations may change. Earl does not have all the answers, Earl has questions of his own but if you ever wanted an angel, Earl is the one you want.

Whether you have no Faith, a simple Faith or follow a traditional organized religion Faith – this show will touch you, will make you think and most importantly, feel.


Well hot damn!

In my last post I bitched about not being able to post photos that would biggify when clicked as they do in Blogger. And Richard, a real photographer, was nice enough to let me know how to do that. The problem for me was I was using the new improved WP editor which doesn’t give you the options for photographs that the old editor does.

I had already deleted my WP photo blog and made a new blogger blog for photos but now I don’t have to put my photos in a special place. I can annoy you with them right here! I am so psyched. With that in mind, here are some kitty pics…

While my husband was vacuuming this morning Miss Frankie Lulu Belle was hiding out in my office. I thought I would distract her by playing some bird videos…

click to biggify

If you remember, last Spring when Frankie had dental surgery her right eye got infected, but while the infection cleared up her right eye never returned to normal and you can see it in this picture

click to biggify

BB, the big orange boy, came into the room, wondering what all that noise was (I had the volume turned up on the bird videos), Miss Frankie just gave him a look, and he went away MOL

click to biggify