Oh happy day!

The countertops were just installed and it’s starting to look a lot like a kitchen is close to completion. Still a bunch of work to be done, backsplash, plumbing, appliances – but still looking good! (The countertop installer guy was funny – he said “This is the first kitchen I’ve seen without a dishwasher”

19 thoughts on “Oh happy day!

    1. I picked out the countertops via a photo taken with a phone! So this is the first time I’d seen it in real life and I love it. I keep walking into the kitchen just to stare. I am so thrilled you can’t imagine. This is the first time in my life I’ve had a real kitchen! And it’s mine! Just the way I want it, well as close as I can get given the space and the budget but still I AM THRILLED TO PIECES!


    1. It is so funny on how everyone can’t seem to let that go – Horrors of horrors – No dishwasher! (“Of course you do know it will hurt the re-sale value?” And I don’t care!)


  1. Grace, it looks wonderful! When we remodeled our kitchen 11 years ago we didn’t put in a dishwasher but left a space for one. Then several years later we decided it was time to try out that new-fangled gadget! I, however, do not have a garbage disposal. Never have. Plumber was shocked, of course, at my attitude toward them.

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    1. Garbage disposals are nasty! When I had the sink replaced 6 years ago I had the disposal taken out – Of course I should have had the whole kitchen done at that time but who knew – (Well I did but my husband was reluctant since he works from home and felt it would be too disruptive. Took me 6 years of tantrums before I got my kitchen). I’ve had dishwashers in rental apartments as well as in our previous house and this condo – Never used the damn things. As far as I’m concerned they are just another thing to breakdown or leak. Plus – there is just the two of us – how many dishes do we use in one day? Plus you still have to hand wash the pots and pans plus 15-20 minutes and my kitchen is clean and ready for the next day – with a dishwasher it just goes on forever! It is a small kitchen so I used that space to put in a roll-out trash receptacle drawer! I don’t give a rats ass about re-sale value, my home, I have to live in it so it’s my way.


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